10 Easy College Hairstyles to Do When You’re Running Late for Class

Best College Hairstyles

What is the secret of being stylish throughout the semester? It definitely is a killer hairdo! Fabulous glam and an epic hairstyle repertoire will take your look to a whole new level! But picking a hairstyle that’s appropriate for a college class is a balance in itself. It’s got to be cute, but not too dressy, and easy to do yourself – ain’t nobody got time for that hair salon life.

I advice that you bookmark this page now, because this collection of easy college hairstyles will be your bible for the next few years.

imageBraided Knot

This is a ballerina fave and will definitely will stay put all day. Most importantly, it takes about two minutes to do! Pull your hair up into a high pony, then braid it. Twist it up into a bun and add another hair tie and you’re good for the day.
















imageLaid-back Braid

That early Monday morning lecture doesn’t have to be attended in some sophisticated hairstyle. Chances are, you are attending the lecture in your track suit and sweater-top or some off-the-hanger outfit. Therefore, keep things chill for the lecture with a loose side braid. Pull down some hair in the front for that “just rolled out of bed” type of vibe.














Image result for african shaggy hair clipsAccessorize with Hair Clips and Hair Bands

Sometimes all you need to do on your hair early in the morning is add a hair clip or hair band and you’re done. Hair clips and bands often come in different forms and colors and you can select from a variety to pop out a new look. These clips turn your shaggy hair into something stylish for the day. You can wear them with any kind of clothing that you have selected for the day.






imageDouble Braids

Braids are classic – perfect for everything from a workout at the rec to a night out with your roommates. In fact, I always believe that braids were made for the campus lady. They are the friends that we don’t talk about, but who are very close and helpful when you need them. If you’re looking to level-up the easy hairstyle, weave in some extensions for a little extra length.














Image result for african ponytail hairstylesThe African Pony Tail

A slick pony is cool and all, but adding a braid will turn it into a full hair moment. You can style your pony in different ways using your hair..but if your hair is not long enough, you can add in some braid.



imageHigh Half-Pony

This hairstyle is so hot right now, you’re bound to see at least one celeb rocking it on any given red carpet. It’s become a glam go-to, thanks to its retro feel and zero-effort styling process. Just pull up your natural curls into a high pony and slick down the front.















image’50s Flip

Use a round brush to flip out the bottom of your bob for retro vibes. Jackie Aina makes the style look way more modern, thanks to a glitzy gold clip.

















imageGlam Blowout

You don’t have to go to a hair salon to get a fabulous blowout. Just grab a round brush and sweep your hair out away from your face, while applying heat from your hair drier.

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