10 things guys want to know about girls: Answered!

Guys want to know about girls

All college guys have some burning questions that want answered about girls but are afraid of asking. So, with the help of friends on campus, I have gathered the top 10 questions that all guys want to know girls. We have also provided some honest and realistic answers to these questions. Here we go:

What do girls do in the bathroom?

We all know what you are supposed to do in the bathroom. However, due to the time quiet alone time we have in there, we may play with our phones or think about that cute guy in our class.

If you are referring to us going in groups, well, yeah we’ll definitely talk..or gossip a little.

What’s really like to be on your periods?

It’s a week-long experience of paranoia that everyone knows, uncomfortableness, and cravings for everything an anything including food and sex. Don’t mention the crippling painful cramps that feel like every organ in the lower abdomen is about to rapture all at once.

The fetal position (if you know you know) is a necessity and we can’t help it being extremely moody. But wait, this does vary from girl to girl, some can go the whole week feeling tip-top and unaffected.

What’s the worst pickup line a guy could use?

Anything offensive, demeaning or sexist. Guys, drop the “expensive” look also, it doesn’t work on everyone. Also, maybe through out the pickup lines and outward appearances and just say hello.

Alternative, just start a real conversation. We are humans first. Pickup lines and all the fake-ness will just waste our time.

How do you feel about No-shave November?

Guys, an girls participate too? You think you are the only ones upbeat about not having to shave? Psst! No-shave November for girls could potentially cut our shower time by half!

Also, if you are a guy and can easily pull off the look, go for it, but creeper mustaches and neck beards are a no-no please. You don’t want to become bathroom gossip fodder.

Do girls masturbate as much as guys do?

Some girls do—there are probably a few who do even more than some guys—but some don’t at all or do it rarely. It honestly depends on the girl.

Crucial factors include her relationship status and how long her “dry spell” has lasted. It might seem like we don’t as much simply because we’re more discreet about it.

Do girls sneakily checkout guys’ Ds?

ALL THE DAMN TIME!! Of course we do, but it is often not the first thing that we notice about you. Your shoes, belt and cologne are evaluated way before we can rate yourmtree.

However, It’s not really the same as guys sizing up our boobs because we can’t tell sizes or anything just by passing you on the street, but it happens every now and then. Same with butts—we notice when you’re toned up.

Do beautiful girls poop?

Of course not. But if we did, it would be perfectly human and normal.

How often do girls watch porn?

Certainly, there are girls who enjoy it and watch it on a regular basis. However, there are some who don’t even think about it.

Note that the key difference between girls and guys is that guys are more visual while girls are more mental. You’ll get a girl watching 50 Shades of Grey but poorly-acted armature videos are not our cup of tea.

How long does it take to put on makeup?

There are some girls who take less than five minutes. Thank you filters!

However on an average day, an average girl may take between 5-15 minutes to doll up. It takes longer getting ready for a night out especially for ladies to whom makeup is life.

How often do you badmouth your friends?

There is a difference between simple gossip and badmouthing, so let me speak on behalf of the majority of girls that we hope those we call our “friends” don’t badmouth us.

That being said, gossip is inevitable, and I’m sure some girls are quicker to verbally relay their latest annoyance than others. If assuming she is a true friend, I would say very rarely, if at all.

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