7 things no one will tell you to bring to campus

what to Bring to Campus

When getting ready for the first day on campus, you are likely to search the internet for the list of things that you should or should not bring. However, there might be very little information available for you because very little people know exactly what to bring. Alternatively, you might find very generic lists of what to bring to campus.

However, at The Campus Lady Magazine we are determined to make your campus life as simple as possible. The following is a list of things one will tell you to bring to campus.

1. Hostel Decorations

Hostel decor is a must-have for any campus lady. Remember your hostel room is going to be your home for a full year. It is the place where you will be spending the majority of your time when not in class or the library. You do not want to spend your time in a room that has bland white stone walls and nothing that makes it yours. Having a space that is all your own and decorated to your tastes makes it fun to spend time in your room. If you are sharing, talk to your roommates and see what their plans are as well.

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2. A Power Bank

Your time on campus will be spent mostly shuttling between your room, lecture halls, library and hanging out with your friends. Therefore, a power bank or portable charger is definitely something you MUST have on you when you go out to make sure your phone never dies on you. Therefore, make sure to bring to campus a good power bank that can help you out.

3. Air Freshener

Let’s be honest, your hostel room is not always going to smell very pleasant. One day you will find your roommate will come with a male friend with smelly feet and the entire room will reek. No matter how many windows you open, you won’t get rid of that horrid smell. You therefore need air freshener on hand just in case of such. Regardless of what is making your room smell, you are going to want something to help diffuse it. Make sure you buy a smell that you can stand though, because combining two bad smells is going to make you miserable.

4. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Forget about earplugs, noise cancelling headphones are the way to go. They work wonders when the people across the hall think that it’s appropriate to scream bloody murder and run down the hall at four in the morning, and they totally block out your roommates snores. Bonus points if your headphones are Bluetooth.

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5. Bluetooth Speakers

Who said ladies cannot enjoy some good music on a good speaker? Whether it be a random dance party with your roomie(s), or you have the room to yourself and you just want to jam, a Bluetooth speaker is going to come in handy. It really helps boost your moral and music is always fun to share, rather than just tuning the world out with your headphones.

6. A Full Length Mirror

Having a full length mirror is essential. You need to make sure you are looking fly before leaving your dorm room, and a full length mirror is the only way to ensure that that happens. Have your full length mirror hanging on the back of my door, and never leave your room without checking your outfit in it. They are really inexpensive and truly are an essential.

7. A Water Bottle

Touche! In college you will spend most of your day outside of your dorm room. Staying hydrated in class and before a big night out is really important. It’s easier than you think to completely forget about drinking water so bring your favorite water bottle with you!

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