10 Things to do between your college classes

In between College Classes

I am sure most of us have been bothered by the time we have between different college classes. One class ends and 10:00am and the other starts at 12:00pm and so you have 2 hours that are about to go to waste! Well, you don’t have to waste the time you have between your classes. This is because we have put together several activities that you can get yourself busy with!

Find a cool hidden gem on campus.

I’m not sure about your campus but I have found SO many super awesome spots that not every many people know about! Go exploring within the one-hour break and find those hidden gems. Ask around and see if anyone knows about a cool spot. You never know what you might find!

Do your Assignments

Seems like a no-brainer, but honestly it can be so hard to be motivated to get your assignments done during this time. TBH, in between classes is the perfect time to get cracking at your assignments! This can give you extra time later in the evening to hang out with your friends, go to the gym, cuddle up with the latest episode of Selina or whatever it is you watch…or do more assignments.

Take a power nap.

Power naps are proven to be effective and make your more productive. They can be very powerful if used correctly, so why not use a break in between your college classes to power up with a nap?

Enroll for Work-study program.

I am not sure about your college but I know that UoN, Egerton and Zetech University have work-study programs for students. Work-study programs help students struggling with school fees to exchange their skills and time for some cash.

Find a Part-time Volunteering Job

Working on campus is a great way to not only kill time between classes, but also to gain job experience for after graduation.Volunteer for your favorite magazine if you love writing or for whatever course that is closer to your heart. Most colleges have a career center that would be more than happy to help you out on this.

Join a club.

In high school, you may have only had a limited number of clubs, but in college the sky is truly the limit. From WOSWA to Campus Safety to ICL, there is sure to be something that interests you! And hey, if there’s not a club that interests you, why don’t you create one?!

Work out.

Most colleges have fitness centers or gyms that are free for students to use. Check out the facilities and see what it’s all about!!

Get that laundry done.

Let’s face it. College students hate laundry, but it has to be done at some point. What better time to get it out of the way than in between your college classes?

Go shopping.

Hello ladies! Who doesn’t love shopping? If you have a really large chunk of time, take advantage of it by heading out and buying those essential college items that you may have ran out of. While out shopping, be sure to be guided by these tips if you have a small figure!

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