10 Ways to Make Yourself Happy on a Budget

Women are always wired to make other people happy and while we might have little to no responsibilities while on campus, we are still likely to want to make others happy. Maybe it’s the boyfriend, our parents, our siblings or even our friends. It is never easy to make everyone happy. As we try to make others happy, we usually forget the most important people in this world – ourselves! So, today, I share with you 10 superb ways to make yourself happy on a budget!

  1. Get a Manicure

It is easy to find a woman talking while gesturing their hands. So, make your hand gestures to be as more expressive as possible with the best manicure you can afford! But most importantly, do not forget the nail art! Jumia has this amazing offer on a manicure set and with it you might never need to buy a single product when you want to clip your nails!

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  1. Pierce your ____________

You have the freedom to fill the blank with whatever part of your body that you want to pierce. From your nose to your lips to your tongue to your navel to your lady parts! You have all the freedom to do whatever makes you happy! There is absolutely so little that you can’t pierce these days. The feeling is so liberating!

  1. Get some (real) lingerie

Stress on campus has gotten you sleeping in those oversized TNA T-shirts. You’ve been supressing your inner Jezebel for years in a bid to maintain the good girl image. A time has come for you to be you and be happy! You need to ditch the boring cotton and slip into something silkier, lacier and sexier. Just for YOU! For less than 1000 bob, Jumia has just what you need to unleash the Jezebel in you!

  1. Sleep in Until Noon

Well, I know you have that online lecture to attend but it won’t hurt a little to find time and sleep in until noon. This is the ultimate luxury for any campus lady who has been struggling with 7am classes that run up to 6 in the evening. Just be careful that it does not turn into a habit and you start missing out on those online classes!

  1. Talk to Strangers

Well, by this, I don’t mean the Indian perverts who will inbox you “Hi” and follow it up with their d*ck pics in quick succession. Chat up that guy or lady on your Facebook whom you enjoy their posts but you have never talked to. Talking to strangers is good because it helps you relate better with people….and you never know whom you would meet!


  1. Start a Business

Covid-19 has left us with so much time at our disposal and with the internet, the possibilities are immeasurable. Having your own business is the best thing you can decide to use your free time on. You do not have to register a company but it does not harm putting those skills you have to good use and earning an income from it! The options are unlimited… just look around!

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  1. Write your future self a letter

Are there things that you intend to do when you hit 25? Or 30? Well, now is the time to put them down in a letter or an email that you will open once you get to that age. Address the recipient of the letter as though it was someone else and be as brutally honest with your future self as possible. Write of your dreams, hopes and feelings. When you receive the letter on your 25th or 30th birthday, you will be surprised at just how much you’ve grown.

  1. Date, have Sex!

This is for you Caro! The campus lady who would rather spend 24 hours, 7 days a weeks, 52 weeks in the library than go on a date with their campus crush. This is the time you can go on that date, build that relationship and when it is okay, have as much sex as you can. Sex is a great way to feel good about yourself. You have the freedom to even stretch your imagination and experiment a little!

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  1. Learn a New Language or Skill

You love the taste of cookies on your tongue but do not know how to bake them? This is the time to check out that YouTube video and learn how to bake! Learn how to cook whatever food that you want as long as you can afford the ingredients. If it is a new language, make it snappy, like Spanish or French. Learning a new language will be helpful and fulfilling in more ways than you can imagine right now.

  1. Start a Blog or Diary

Do not let your 20s fly away without taking note of those stolen roadside kisses, tearful broken hearts, or stolen sex-in-the toilet moments. Keeping a diary of your 20s will have you looking back at the best years of your life with nostalgia when you hit 30. You can share some of those moments with the world through a blog. Blogger.com or WordPress.com are good places to start with. But I would advise that you sign up to write for The Campus Lady Magazine!

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