Tue. May 21st, 2019

11 FACTS Campus Ladies Need to Know about the New Contraceptive in Town

intrauterine ball (IUB)
  1. The Contraceptive is known as Intrauterine Ball (IUB)
  2. The contraceptive is non-hormonal and is made up of copper balls
  3. The new device will cost Sh10,000 and last for five years.
  4. The contraceptive reduces common side-effects like heavy or prolonged menstrual periods and discomfort
  5. The contraceptive also reduces the risks incurred during insertion.
  6. The contraceptive is T-shaped and the ball has a completely symmetrical shape thus reducing irritations
  7. The contraceptive is available in Nairobi Hospital and will soon be rolled out to the entire nation
  8. The IUB is a three-dimensional, 15 mm in diameter device formed to be compatible with the uterine cavity
  9. Apart from being a contraceptive, the device can also be used to release drugs into the uterus
  10. The contraceptive is also available in South Africa and 19 other countries globally
  11. Over 40,000 women are already using the contraceptive globally

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