2 Social Distancing Games Every Campus Lady will love

Candy Crush Saga

You have probably participated in all the challenges online including the latests #UtawezanaChallenge and the #SingleLadiesChallenge. You might have even been tempted to join Tory Lanez Live and show the world what your mama gave you(I hope not). Maybe still you might have even been tempted to join Xtiandela Live and display your ratchetness (I hope not).

In the wake of Covid-19, one recommendation has been doled out over and over again: stay home. It’s quite possible that you’ve fantasized about never having to leave the house before—a time where you’re supposed to be lazy and stay inside for the good of society. It’s a glorious proposition, but after a few days you’re gonna start to feel stir crazy. If you need a break from Money Heist and all the bad news, you’re not alone.

To protect your mental health, the World Health Organization advises taking a break from the news. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite smartphone distractions that would definitely excite a campus lady.

Candy Crush Saga

I had to start with this one because I have been crazily playing it since I realized that they are giving out unlimited lives every day. If you have Candy Crush on your phone, you will agree with me that there’s nothing worse than losing all your lives, especially when you’re so close to beating a level.

In an attempt to keep everyone occupied at home, Candy Crush launched the ultimate promotion to keep you occupied during this social distancing period. The company released free unlimited lives worldwide across their portfolio of social games including the beloved Candy Crush, Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Jelly Saga, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, Bubble Witch 3 Saga and Pet Rescue Saga.Enjoy your conquest of every level with the unlimited lives as you social distance.

Facebook Tournaments

You have probably come across the “Last Life” Tournament while scrolling through your Facebook feeds. Facebook rolled out Tournaments, a feature of its Gaming platform that allows users to put together a gaming competition. It’s apparently good for esports, though it’s intended for regular users who might want to have some competition while social distancing.

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Tournaments is also part of Facebook‘s efforts as part of the World Health Organization’s Play Apart Together campaign, the point of which is to encourage people to get their social interaction via gaming. So the idea is that, if a group of people want to have a little competition — say for example, a group of streamers — then this will make it easier.

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