3 Financial Mistakes every Campus Lady needs to Avoid

Financial Mistakes Campus Lady

Planning for what happens to your money while on campus is one of the most sensible things you could ever do as a campus lady. Campus is where were make those impulsive financial mistakes. When you are in your 20’s and in college everything and anything seems possible. The world is your oyster!

Many campus ladies do not think about the distant future. The only thing on our minds is short term cash and how to get it. Our thinking is often about how to make it to the end of the semester and be able to buy all the “stuff” that we want.

We hardly think very far into the financial future and it showed in how we spend our money. Even having a budget is not on our radar because those are taken to be for people that are broke. If you are a sensible campus lady, then you will want to run away from some of these financial mistakes.


One of the things that make campus life a life of perceived freedom is the student loan that welcomes us. However, come to think of it, most of your debt in life will be accumulated while on campus. Your HELB student loan is meant to be for books and other costs related to your school tuition.

Your student loan should not pay for new clothes and other niceties. Before you jump into the HELB bandwagon, think about if you really need it or not. Can you manage without it? If you feel that you can’t then make sure you use it for its intended purpose at least OR use it wisely.

Not Having a Budget

It is very important that you must have a budget in order for your money to work for you. Without a budget, you can’t see where your money is going or how you are spending it. All the financial devastation that comes with campus life can easily be avoided with a simple budget.

Budgets are not just for those that don’t have money. Budgets are for everyone. The more you use your budget the more you will see how sexy your budget actually is. It will become a challenge to see your money come in and how best you will use it for the month.

Spending Money on Clothes

I’ll let you into a little secret today, clothes will always be there. Yep, that’s my little bit of wisdom for you today. Clothes will always be there to buy and fashion will change ALL THE TIME. You can never keep up. If being trendy is import to you as a campus lady, then it would be better to invest in a few staple pieces of clothing that you can mix and match.

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Owning 10 different pairs of jeans is pointless. Believe me, most people won’t even notice you wearing them. Therefore, buy 5 interchangeable tops to go with 2 pairs of jeans and you have yourself a winner. Clothes are very much here today gone tomorrow so it would be unwise to invest huge amounts of money into it.

Most of the clothes that you buy on campus will be nowhere close to trendy once out of college. They will probably look horrible because you are bound to change the way you dress. There is no longevity in simply buying clothes to feel good.

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