4 Fashion mistakes to avoid in campus

Fashion mistakes

Campus life can be hectic that you at times find yourself doing stuff that you wouldn’t do on a normal day. However, regardless of how hectic your daily schedule is, remember that we are in the 21st century and some fashion mistakes are not acceptable at all.

If you are a girl on campus, you already know how a big deal beauty and fashion is. It is heartbreaking to meet a young lass who has committed a fashion crime and yet is busy showcasing herself to the world.

One thing you should know is that these fashion mistakes are not only a turn off to everyone you meet but also a public eyesore. Here are the top four fashion and beauty faux pas that you should avoid at all costs.

Image result for cracked lips africanForgetting your Lipstick or Lip Gloss or Vaseline

A woman with cracked lips in public is unimaginable. Our smiles as women are the crowns that complete our confidence. Smiling with your cracked lips will get everyone pitying you instead of admiring you. Therefore, do not leave your room without a lipstick or lip gloss.

If you can’t wear these two for some reason, then try some vaseline jelly. When applying lipstick, do not apply too much because you will turn into a scarecrow or worse still a fashion disaster.

Related imageSee-through Leggings are a No-no

See through-leggings without a top-dress to cover up is a non-no in public. Wearing those flowery panties inside the see-though leggings is one of those fashion mistakes that call for a death sentence in my books. Campus is meant to be a fun place for both genders and putting our male counterparts in a precarious situation is not good at all.

It is enough that you are wearing tight leggings to accentuate your booty and your thighs. This is the epitome of sexiness. However, the moment you go past this with those see-through leggings, you become more of a confused mboch who is trying out leggings for the first time. Don’t give up so much, it’s good to leave them guessing…

Image result for weaves disasterWeaves are Good but can be Disastrous

Weaves are particularly economic and easy-to-maintain for a typical campus lady with a tight schedule. However, if you can’t get a good quality weave, you will be better off maintaining short hair. All you might need is a weekly haircut and hair food.

However, if you must wear a weave, then do a corn roll, rasta or something beautiful because when synthetic weaves get old, they look like they were made with flour. I’m sure you don’t want to look like a head-full of ugali on campus!


Image result for african girls with bushy armpitsBushy shy Armpits

It’s utterly disgusting to see a woman or a man with so much hair in their armpits when they raise up their hands. I understand you want to be hippie but do not wear a vest or sleeveless top without shaving your armpits or without a bra underneath. I can’t say much more about this!

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