4 Safety issues on campus every lady should know

Campus Safety Kenya

When it comes to campus safety, are we really safe? Most students ask themselves the safety question when they report to campus for a new chapter in their lives. It has been reported that many students go for studies but do not complete their academic years doe to many reasons. Some of these reasons are related to lack of safety in their campuses.

Here are some four campus safety issues that every campus lady should be aware off:

1. Love Triangles.

It is a well known secret that campus students have many cases of love triangles. The question is, how do you find yourself in a love triangle? This happens when one of you has a side chic or a side nigga and still is committed to someone else. It may seem simple at first and sweet because the forbidden fruit is so sweet. However, where do you think this triangle could end up? Most of these love sagas never end in a good way. Most end up in deaths, injuries, broken hearts, and the savage levels increased. Please let us try and remain faithful to our partners and avoid all this drama.

2. Campus Hostels.

It is reported that some campus hostels have no security checks, hence making the accessibility of the hostels easier for just any person. This effectively makes campus hostels vulnerable locations and unsafe for any student. Insecurity levels of campus hostels are increasing. This has led to an increase in rape, assault, theft and even murder of students by their colleagues an even outsiders. Any case of theft or any other form of crime in the hostels should be reported immediately to authorities.

3. Students Riots.

Its so saddening that most students in the colleges and universities love riots. It is even more saddening that most of the students get badly injured or even die during these riots. Their is an alarming increase in the number of deaths among the youths in Kenya. The main casualties of both student and political demonstrations are college students. Ladies are assaulted, raped and even killed by their friends and even by the police during these riots and demos. It is high time for the youths to pursue other conflict resolutions strategies for the safety of everyone.

4. Disease Outbreaks.

Outbreaks of diseases is very common in colleges due to congestion and other factors. Engage in safe sex if you must, go for regular full body checkup, use clean water every time you need to wash your plate, body or drink. Water should be treated and sterilized before being used, so that people can avoid getting sick and dying due to diseases like cholera.

There is no assurance that once a person reports to campus, they will be safe. We just put out faith in God that we will be safe and sound throughout the academic years. All in all, your own personal safety comes first…and remember to keep each other safe as well.

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