4 Small and Unprofessional Features of Businesses

Unprofessional businesses

When you launch a side hustle, your main aim is to try and turn a profit so that you can earn a living doing what you enjoy. Aside from money, you must focus on your reputation. A business with a good standing in the industry and the public eye will generate leads and make sales. Size doesn’t matter when consumers and peers alike respect you.

What SMEs and side hustlers don’t realize is that the small issues pack a massive punch. So, while you think your address doesn’t make a difference, customers and clients will see it and think twice.

With that in mind, here are four more small features of “unprofessional” businesses.

Inconsistent Marketing

It’s not only the message that has to be consistent throughout your advertising campaigns. Everything from the logo to the contact details should be the same, too. This is because they are elements that never change, so when they do, it’s a surefire sign that you’ve made a mistake.https://www.templafy.com/business-document-templates/ recommends switching from static to dynamic document templates. Companies that do are less likely to make mistakes as the correct data is automatically integrated, eliminating human errors.

Cell Phone Number

Buying a dedicated cell phone number for your business is a cheap and accessible loophole for side hustlers. After all, they only cost a couple of dollars per month, and any questions or queries will come directly to your handset. On the flip side, regular cell phone numbers are easy to spot. This means it will stand out for the wrong reasons. Similar to a residential address, you require a number that looks professional.http://Https://fitsmallbusiness.com/best-virtual-phone-number-provider/ points out that a 1-800 number is commonly viewed as the best as it appears commercial and it’s free to dial for users.

A Shared SSL

You must use the SSL prefix when you’re processing customer data, such as credit card information. However, shoppers are not stupid, and they understand that SSL means the site is pretty much bulletproof concerning online security. Therefore, any URL that includes it within the domain name will get a boost. In a society where the dangers of cybercrime are real, people don’t want to take risks, even if they are only browsing your website. Investing in a private SSL means that your URL stays the same on secured pages, not just the ones that process sensitive information.

Poor Quality Images

This is very important for eCommerce sites that attempt to sell products and services. Although the internet has made it easier to sell, people won’t buy anything unless they are sure. It’s not as if they can try it beforehand, and the return procedure is often long and drawn-out. As such, you need to convince them that the items are perfect. To do this, you should take high-resolution photos and let them zoom in and view products from different angles. Some retailers even shoot videos. By doing this, you’ll eliminate the risk involved with online shopping.

Are you guilty of any of the above?

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