4 ways to cash in on the crochet trend


Crochet is a skill anyone can learn and I’m sure you’ve come across women who crochet online whether as a hobby or for educational purposes. With posts on patterns and video tutorials the crochet community has been steadily growing in the last few years. As a result, more women have turned their crafts into profit making online shops.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the best thing about crochet is, you’ll always find patterns that cater to your skill level and most of them are free. For a beginner, there are a number of forums to join if you have any questions or you feel stuck. Needless to say, the crochet online community is always ready to help. So what’s stopping you?

Now before you get a hold of some yarn ready to crochet, remember, you’re free to crochet anything you want. It could be a dress, a skirt or a hat but, here are a few popular crafts you’re sure to make extra cash from:

Crochet swim suits

crochetCrochet bikinis or swim suits make anyone stand out in a crowd filled with store bought suits. With hundreds of patterns to choose from, each suit you make is different from the last one. And because they’re quite popular a single suit could go from Sh.3000 to Sh.7000 or even more depending on the pattern used.

Crochet Amigurumi

crochetAmigurumi or crochet doll was initially a Japanese art form before it spread globally. Back then, the idea that you could crochet a little animal or figure was relatively unknown. Amigurumi make a great gift for the little ones to play with while the young at heart could use them as decorative pieces around the house. You can also make your amigurumi in different sizes, from a pocket size to almost the size of a two year old. Going for about sh.750 to Sh.8000 for a single doll is not bad at all and because they use almost the same pattern, you’re sure to make a wide range of dolls with ease.

Crochet Blanket

crochetThere is something about a neatly done crochet blanket that makes a room so cozy. It could be the bright colors and the pattern that naturally warms up the place. These blankets also come with a variety of uses from the bedroom to the living room as furniture covers. In this case, crochet blankets normally use a pattern known as the granny square and the more detailed a pattern is, the more you can charge. Some blankets can even go for as much as Sh.10,000, I kid you not.

Crochet Baby Clothes

crochetNothing says I put a lot of thought into this than presenting a whole set of crochet baby clothes to a new mom. This is why crochet baby clothes are the most sought after gifts. Even going through your own pictures, you’ll most likely find one of you wearing a crochet dress as a toddler. A set of booties, a dress and a hat can go for about Sh.4500 while separate items can go for Sh.800 to Sh.1500 each and it gets better because you know there is a baby being born every day.

To start you off, check out some of these sites for beginner level free crochet patterns and more:

  1. Favecrafts
  2. Redheart
  3. Allaboutcrochet

If you’re worried about where to get your yarn and crochet hooks, these days yarn shops are almost everywhere, along Biashara street, in malls and online shops. These crochet crafts tend to use yarn made from 100% cotton that’s a bit pricey except for some Amigurumi where you could use a blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic.

Don’t compromise your work. If a pattern says use cotton, don’t use acrylic or a blend. By doing so, you could end up with poorly made items that will most likely cost you money.

Now you’re ready to grab some yarn to crochet. All the best.

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