42% of Kenyans on Twitter Enjoyed the first episode of #MsPresident

#MsPresident Reality Show

A poll conducted by The Campus Lady Magazine following the premier of the Ms President reality show on KTN Home shows that most Kenyans on Twitter enjoyed the show.

The poll sought to know whether those who watched the show enjoyed it, did not enjoy it, or thought that it could do better.

Of all those who respondent to the poll question, 42% indicated that they enjoyed the show.

Commenting on the #MsPresident hashtag on Twitter, the viewers expressed areas of the show that they enjoyed the most.

“Last evening at official premier of Reality TV series. We look forward to an informative, entertaining and empowering show that will see the women battle it out to give their best in leadership, , and . Onward!” twitted @IsabelMunyua.

#MsPresident Could do Better

However, a further 33% of those polled on Twitter indicated that the show could do better.

Those who were not satisfied by the premier episode of the show alluded to the dullness of the judges and the profile of politicians who were featured.

“If these are the kind of political mentor’s at then we have a serious problem as a country, no woman will be president in the near future. Frauds” twitted @Walanyama.

The tweet by @Walanyama was a caption on a photo of NARK Kenya party leader Martha Karua and Rachael Shebesh.

@OtienoArnold took issue with the judges noting that the show was good, the contestants were average but the judges were boring. “It is my hope this will improve with time,” he finished off.

@Kachwanya also took issue with the judges in his tweet “ The judges need to be more lively…learn how to create some tense moments for the viewers, especially at the evictions time.”

Contrary to the popular opinion, 25% of those polled by The Campus Lady Magazine stated that they did not enjoy.

Most of those who indicated that they did not enjoyed were particularly displeased by the judges.

Some of them went to the extend of suggesting that the show needed the notorious Judge Ian of Tusker Project Fame.

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