5 LEGIT ways campus ladies can make money this Valentine’s Day

Campus Ladies Make Money this Valentine's Day

Since this Valentine’s Day will be on a Thursday, there is a possibility that you will have classes throughout the day and might not even notice it. However, there is also a possibility that your classes will bounce and you will be free. If you do not have a Valentine’s Day date, then this is a day to make money by catering to the needs of those celebrating their Valentine’s.

Here are some legit ways which you can use to make money this Valentine’s Day. Something about this tips is that you do not even need a shilling to implement them while others may only require Ksh. 2,000 max.

1. Invest in Valentine’s Day Goodies

There are so many Valentine’s goodies that you can sell on this day including gift cards, flowers, customized letters, jewellery and cakes among others. Some of these stuff like the flowers gift cards and cakes, you can buy them at a cheaper price, add some customization and sell them at a higher price.

If you are good with making jewellery or writing romantic notes, then you can sell customized jewellery and offer letter writing services to the love birds on campus. You can also buy chocolates and wine and package them in gift baskets and advertise these online – along with delivery options.

2. Babysit

In every lecture hall, there is always that lovely couple that already has a child. All those campus parents you know deserve a break, too. And you can cash in big if you have the skills and patience to babysit while Mom and Dad enjoy a night out in town.

You do not have to pick up 10 kids for you to benefit from this opportunity. Just having one or two kids over during the day or Valentine’s evening is enough to earn you some cash. You can differentiate your rates such that student parents can pay slightly lower than working parents.

3. Photography and Video Services

Valentine’s Day, with all the sentiment that surrounds it, is prime time for weddings, engagements, and other relationship-specific photo ops. It is usually an opportunity for the couples to immortalise their special moments.

If you’re handy with a camera, offer to snap shots of the special moments that the happy couple will cherish forever. Photography and video-shooting talent together with a good camera will earn you money from campus couples during this Valentine’s Day. Start marketing yourself to your classmates before you move out to get other clients. Charging hourly rates will give you an advantage of shooting several couples before the day ends.

4. Host a Single’s Part

Planning on spending Valentine’s Day alone? Not anymore. Host a party at your hostel for singles, if you have a large and diverse network of friends. This will give you and your friends a chance at finding love, or simply catch up after a semester-long of classes and unending assignments.

If your hostel is too squeezed for such a party or does not allow parties, you can host one in partnership with a restaurant near your campus. Just make sure you come up with a theme that’s attractive. Charge a few shillings admission to cover the cost of food, décor, drinks, and so you can walk away with a reasonable wage.

5. Valentine’s Day Delivery Lady

Not all local companies have the resources to offer delivery services, and that’s where you come in. Identify some of the businesses that are particularly relevant around Valentine’s Day and contact them to see what their delivery needs are. Places like florists, gift shops, and bakeries may be able to use an extra hand.

Bear in mind that this gig will likely be under-the-table because of insurance restrictions, so consider that before deciding if this is right for you. Even better, you may be able to score private gigs from, say, a guy who wants to send his girlfriend flowers last minute so he can save on the high shipping and delivery costs. One man’s procrastination is your extra cash.

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