5 Struggles that Campus Beauties have to overcome daily

Campus Beauties Struggles

When you are a campus beauty, you always attract attention from other people even when you don’t want it. This makes campus beauties famous among their peers and around campus. However, this fame often comes with several struggles and challenges for the cute girls on a daily basis.

Here are some of the struggles that campus beauties go through each day.

1. People think Campus Beauties get things easily

Image result for african beautiful ladies favourIt is a common assumption around campus that cute girls get what they want easily. People believe that when you are beautiful, you do not face challenges in achieving your goals. In fact, it is common-place to find people hanging out with campus beauties in the hope that they are going to benefit from the free rides and freebies.

However, this is not often the case as cute ladies on campus also come across challenging situations. Little known to many is the fact that beautiful girls also fail and feel like giving up just like other people. They have their moments of failure and moments of triumph that have nothing to due with their looks.

2. Dealing with Unwanted Attention

Image result for african ogling campus beautiesCampus beauties receive so much unwanted attention that it may at times become very suffocating. Everywhere they pass, a man is trying to get under their pants almost all the time. From the lecturers, taxi driver, nduthi guy, class mates to every other imaginable guy. Some of the attention even comes from fellow ladies who are either lesbians, jealous of her beauty or want to be associated with her to benefit from the attention she gets.

Dealing with such attention can be very suffocating for the campus beauties. In fact, if not dealt with correctly, the attention may get into her head and affect her academic performance. There is always that general perception that if you are beautiful, you are slutty. Therefore, there is always that need to prove your detractors wrong.

3. Their Hard work is Underrated

Image result for african campus beauties hard workPeople do not expect a beautiful lady to fail. Not with that beauty! They want her to succeed in whatever she does and in case she becomes successful, people will never give her credit for her hard work. They will instead assume that she was successful because she received favors.

Show me a successful beautiful lady even in society today and I will show you 100 different ways she has been painted a social climber. Carolyne Mutoko, Rachael Shebesh, Sheilah Mwanyigha, you name them! There is always a cloud of doubt that hang around their heads as to the source of their success. No one believes that beautiful ladies can be hard working.

4. Guys are always on their neck

Campus Beauties StrugglesCampus beauties have a hard time choosing which guy to give attention to because almost all the guys they come across seem interested in them. These girls are always being bothered by guys and it is sometimes difficult for them to enjoy a quiet moment when in public.

First, people assume that she must be dating. Therefore, they are always struggling with loneliness but cannot focus on a single guy because of the enormous interest from several. If they decide to settle down with a jealousy guy, her troubles double!

5. Campus Beauties struggle with their wardrobe

Image result for african american girl looking into a closetPeople always assume that campus beauties don’t struggle to pick out the right clothes, shoes or makeup. However, due to the high standards set by society for the campus beauties, they struggle a lot. Some even spend most of their preparation time trying to decide what they will wear.

The pressure they get from people about their looks makes them insecure and they struggle to pick clothes they think will compliment their looks.

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