5 Ways he Should Show you he Loves you in Public

Public Display of Affection

This weekend I was at this getaway camping trip by some friends. Most of them were couples because it was a Valentine’s getaway. Of course except for a few of us who didn’t get the memo and just wanted to have fun traveling the world alone.

So at one point I noticed this one girl trying to talk to her guy about some items he forgot to pack. As far as I can remember, the lady was super polite while raising the issue but the guy put her off rudely, yelled at her and walked away to be with his boys. It really touched me, I wanted to punch the guy in the face. Even if there was a fight between the two earlier before this situation, that was not how you should treat a person you love.

Girls, here are some few ways he should treat you in public, or else it ain’t love.

1. Public Affection.

Hold hands in public, hug and kiss. Share street foods, he might even lick an ice-cream off your cheek and take pictures with you in public. He should act like he is enjoying your presence. For example in the camping situation, the two were supposed to be seen together most times, share a sleeping tent or even be at the bonfire together. But the guy put her really off and she was left alone, which should never be the case.

2. Does he introduce you to his friends?

Every time you’re with him you might meet new people, does he mind you knowing them? When he talks to his friends about you, it shows that he cares and is actually proud to have you. He should brag about you and put you before his friends at all times.

3. He should never make you feel any less.

He should talk to you respectfully and even if he is having anger issues, he should find a way to manage them towards you. For instance in camping situation, shouting is never a choice when dealing with someone you love. You have to give a listening ear to your partner especially in public. Shouting at your partner means you want to intimidate or embarrass them in front of others…in front of strangers!

4. Does he compliment you even in public?

He should be able to recognize you. If you wore nicely, he should acknowledge that. Also, not necessarily should they compliment you on dressing; they should also be able to recognize your efforts and give you a thumbs up on it. Complimenting each other especially in public rekindles love. Unless he doesn’t love you, he won’t pay attention.

5. Does he have your back?

For instance when you get into a situation, and he has to choose between you and the other people, does he choose you? Well, he should, says Florence Carmen , a love and life blogger and author. She goes ahead to clarify that, that does not mean that even if you are wrong he’ll still choose you. It means that he should understand your side most, try weigh the two sides, and if you are wrong, he should find an appropriate way to tell you. If he is never on your side and is never trying to make you understand why he can’t choose your side, he doesn’t love you.

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Partners should enjoy each others presence in public, if not they should cut it or go for counseling.

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