6 Tips to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on Campus

Celebrate Valentine's Day

This year’s Valentine’s Day will be on a Friday and I am sure for some it will be parte after parte. However, many students may well be scratching their heads as to what they can do with their significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day, especially if they are on a tight budget.

Despite the majority of restaurants in town most likely charging extortionate prices for romantically themed meals, there is actually a number of ways that you can have a memorable evening on Valentine’s Day as a student.

The Campus Lady Magazine team has therefore put together a list of fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on campus, without having to spend a lot.

Present Each other with with Gifts

This is the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year if you have been in a relationship for more than a year. Trying new things every year enables you to appreciate each other with every Valentine’s day in a special way. The possibilities for an unconventional Valentine’s Day are endless, and doing something nontraditional will keep your long-term relationship interesting! There are many gifts that you can gift each other on this special day.

Netflix & Chill

We couldn’t put together a modern guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day on campus without mentioning good old Netflix. Whether it is re-watching House of Cards, Money Heist, Breaking Bad, Sistas, How to get away with Murder or Friends is your thing, settling down to a good old box set binge could well be the perfect way to celebrate. Of course, you will need to agree on what to watch and chivalry may well win the day for most of you.

A Skype Date for those in LDR

If you’re in a long distance relationship and it’s too expensive to visit your partner for the weekend, Valentine’s Day can get you down. But you don’t have to let it! Plan a full out Skype date—watch a movie together, cook dinner at the same time and watch each other open the gifts you each sent. It’s not as good as being together in person, but it is a simple way to feel connected.

Cook and Eat Together under the Stars

This year’s Valentine’s Day is on a Friday and this gives you sufficient time to do a lot together over the weekend. Go on a shopping together and come back and cook together while enjoying each other’s company. Take your food out to the balcony or under a tree around your campus hostel and enjoy a meal under the stars. Culminate your evening with a movie and decide on how to spend your weekend.

Find Somewhere Scenic

One thing Valentine’s Day students love, is finding some picturesque locations close to your campus. Not only is this free, but it can be a great way to get away from uni for a bit and do some exploring around your campus. Campuses such as Egerton, Maseno, KU and Daystar are blessed with quintessential environments that you will enjoy. Remember it seems like it will rain on this year’s Valentine’s Day and therefore remember to carry some warm cloths and an umbrella just in case.

Celebrate Being Single

Our final fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is for anyone who is unlucky (or lucky, as the case may be) to be single this year. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a sombre affair though especially if you have a few other buddies who are in the same position. Why not stock up on your favourite snacks and drinks, and have a little soiree at home to celebrate the fact you are young, free and single this Valentine’s Day?

As you can see, having fun on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost the earth and anyone can enjoy the day on campus if you approach it properly. We hope our guide has given you some inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2020.

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