7 Signs that you’re a very attractive lady

We all have an idea of what our ideal partner looks like. We know what traits they should have – tall dark and handsome? Maybe not – but we definitely know what they will be looking for in us. As a woman, I love being wanted. I am sure you do too. We crave for a man’s attention and that is why we feel frustrated when we feel that our efforts for the man our hearts beat for are not appreciated. However, are you attractive enough for him?

However, it is not always about looks. Men are increasingly becoming picky with the women they choose to love. But I can assure you that if you have these seven features, chances are you are one of the most attractive women.

1. You are Independent

This is a no-brainer. Even if you are in a relationship, you know how to manage your life alone. You do not depend on your partner to make you happy and you are right. You pursue your goals and dreams and you take time for your partner once what you have to do is done. No one but you has the power to make your life great and you know it!

However, I know of ladies who brag that they are independent when in fact they are parasites calling the money and status they get from having sex with older men independence. That’s not independence sis. Real independence does not require any man – young or old – to be realized.

2. You don’t Tell Gossip

A friend of mine once told me that we are wired to gossip as women. That is quite a stereotype and a turnoff for many men. Gossiping is for immature little girls who have nothing better to do in their lives and who you avoid. If you are mature and attractive, then you prefer to spend an hour talking about a new project rather than trivial things.

3. You are not Clingy

Everyone is first human, then your friend or boyfriend. You should not therefore be clingy to a point where your friend or boyfriend does not have time for other things in his life when with you. You should therefore be able to let your man have his space. Avoid getting into his private space, snooping on him and questioning his every move.

4. You Love Yourself

Ladies, we need to love ourselves so much such that we do not crave for anyone’s love. If you are attractive, then you love yourself and you accept for what you are. You don’t spend your time in front of the mirror thinking that your legs are too thin or your lips are too thin. You know it is what you are and you accept it! You may not be wearing the latest trends, but your clothes are comfortable and stylish. They help you radiate confidence!

5. You are very Intelligent

I see many ladies putting on their Twitter bios that they are sapiosexuals. But I’m usually tempted to ask, sis, how intelligent are you yourself?  Something that really adds to your desirability is your intelligence. This does not always refer to IQ, but rather to the amount of wisdom that you have accumulated in your life through your experiences. It makes you see the world from your own perspective and you have a certain understanding of life, people and yourself. You can maintain an interesting conversation and you are always on the lookout for what others think of a given subject.

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6. You are a good Communicator

No sis, I’m not talking about the silent treatment. Remember that you can only touch and win hearts with the words you choose to use to communicate with others. You will be attractive if you always let everyone speak, without interrupting them, because you will have time to shine and express your own opinion.

You will let people speak and make them feel appreciated and with that you will show the compassion you have for them. It is a trait that everyone admires in you and that makes you attractive. This is something you need to practice from time to time in order to perfect.

7. You are Honest and Respectful

Thanks to your honesty, your man knows he can trust you. You always tell him what you think and you know how to put things right. Men do not want untrustworthy women. You will always talk about your feelings because you want the same from your partner. Honesty and trust are crucial things in any relationship, not just romantic relationships, and these are the things you value most about yourself and others.

Nyawara Osodo

A girl next door. Student fascinated by human interest stories. Writing is my way of understanding life

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