7 Simple Rules for Writing Professional Emails

7 rules of writing professional emails

In as much as emails are more informal than business letters, there are still rules for a professional email. This is particularly important for the professional world but the earlier you start to practice, the better for you. Email etiquette is a very important virtue in the world today polluted by social media and casual conversations. For a campus lady, you need to know how to write professional emails because soon you will be out looking for a job. Here are the seven rules to keep in mind at all times.

7. Always Use a Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your reader will see. You want your subject line to be succinct (clear and brief). This is your chance to catch your reader’s attention. It also helps the reader to immediately know what your email is about.

Without a clear subject line, your reader may not be interested in your email. And it is possible she will not read it.

Tips to help you land your first job after campus

Examples of clear subject lines:

  • Application for Medical Internship
  • Meeting Date Changed
  • Thank you Note
  • Question about the Conference
  • Can you meet on Monday?
  • Suggestion for your Presentation
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