7 Types of Friends you Probably Have on Campus

Campus Friends

Excitement is written on everyone’s face upon admission to Campus. This comes along with freedom, change in environment and friends to make. It is by these friends that one’s personality is derived just like high school peers, the Campus peers are non-exemptional.

Party Type

The party mode is always in full gear with this type. They tend to know which gigs are happening in town and on Campus. Don’t be surprised if it’s a Monday and weekend details on parties have been updated for them, not even a cold would kill this psyche.

Informative Journalists

Look no further for news updates and rumors within Campus. This group is gossip-driven, one doesn’t really know when they get updated, but they always seem to have the X-factor of each kind of information. They’ll know about which cook was fired, who was dumped during the weekend. They probably would have enrolled in a journalism course.

Holy Joe’s

Conserved people belong to this category. Religion is their fabric and they are woven into it. Yes, they are introverts and would be the red flag in dishing out warnings. Basically, little attention is paid to this group as they tend to be major critics of Biblical expectations. It is the ‘end of the world’ in each of their conversations with their age mates.


Alcohol is probably like water to them. Time cannot considerably elapse without having a tot. School parties are incomplete without their profound knowledge of mixtures and experiments of new brands in the market. I doubt if they are ever sober, it’s like they actually invented alcohol.

Clean Freaks

Doing laundry could go as far as on daily basis. Ever borrowed something from them? Well, don’t be surprised if they’d wash it again. They tend to be sensitive and selective to who handles what they own.

Don’t Tell Tells

Dare not trust these ones. Unlike informative journalists, this group always adds a twist to information. The sugar and spice. One would confide in them later on, they spread one’s sorrows like a bonfire and their keywords are actually ‘ don’t tell …’

Silent Killers

This type of friend is always safe. Nothing can come out offensive. They are lovable, novel readers or glued to an electronic device. Apart from that, they are good listeners and problem solvers.

Variety is the spice of life. For if we all had the same personality life would be boring. One’s identity is molded according to the friends they have, having one from each group forms a crew of laughter.

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