A Campus guy’s advice to ladies with small boobs

Ladies with Small Boobs

Growing up in a family of Women has taught me that it is extremely difficult for girls to live this life without some insecurities. One of these is associated with the size of their boobs.

There are those Women who are well-endowed on their chests and they grace beauty in ways I can’t even put in words. Simply hot!

And then there are those ladies with two flats on their chests but are confident about their pair regardless of size. Only God knows the self- esteem issues they had to deal with before they finally accepted themselves.

The struggle to hide their “embarrassment” has seen girls look for booster creams, extra padded bras, and contour make up to give a more voluptuous illusion. It has been a journey of push up bras, constant massaging of boobs with ice cubes every morning just to make them bigger and more attractive.

You are Better off with your Small Boobs

However, how long does it take to get to a point that you feel so comfortable in your own features? In your own skin? First of all with small boobies you have an advantage. This is coming from a Boobs Guy (wink).

There are those lose hanging tops mostly chiffon or satin that reveal all physical features, those look better on bigger boobed ladies. Do not worry if they don’t look as good on you as they do on your friends.

Go for fabric with texture and more fitting. With small boobies you don’t have to wear anything under. Let them breathe and bounce. Not that they are too big to bounce but you know what I mean.

You can always invest in body fitting tops,Turtle necks, low V-neck, round neck, spaghetti tops; you think of it, wear it. Small boobs are less perky. It is perfectly normal to have small droopy boobs.

Push up bras make girls look like they are trying too hard to pop out and give that big boob cleavage you want so bad. So don’t try to force it. If you’d like to wear a bra, find a good fitting one and avoid too tight or too padded.

Women’s nipples fascinate me. What is it with the obsession of covering them anyway? I know this sounds off but to me, they look great showing, some designs are eccentric. You can always tell a woman’s sexiness by looking at her boobie accessories.

You’ll have to teach yourself to love your body for what it already is. Try to always remember that no one has a right to an opinion about your body.

Choose what works for you and roll with it.Opinions will always be there.choose happiness, choose love for yourself Girl.


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