A Campus Lady’s Letter to Relatives this Christmas Season

Its that time of the year that despite school, despite jobs, despite relationships we all have to travel home and stay with our families. To many of us, this is kind of boring.


Because we do it every other year. Because from the time we were born we’ve always had the family get together a time like this year in, year out.

We sometimes ask why some of these activities can’t be moved to a month between January and November. Because we want to spend this time away from home. We want to spend it with our friends, our loved ones, our workmates or even our classmates.

Sometimes we don’t want to meet that mouthy auntie or nagging uncle from our father’s side. Or we don’t want to have the sibling fights no more. Sometimes the diluted soup is a complete turn-off.

Who are you bringing home?” is a question some of us aren’t willing to answer yet. Bearing in mind that we’ve barely finished campus but relatives can’t give us some breathing space. They are already pushing us to the next big step ( marriage, serious relationships). Some of us wish for husbands or boyfriends to hire, just to show off to our relatives.

Don’t forget those over expectant relatives who want you to be dressed in expensive clothes. And they all have reasons for their expectations “si Watoto wa campus hulipwa na government?!” Dear Auntie, we are not paid, we are given loans that we have to repay.

Some will be like “Uko 25 years old, ulimaliza campus na ukapata Kazi, you should be driving.” Dear uncle, I just got my first job and it’s not even permanent, take me slow.

And those of us who come from Christian families know it better, we want to turn up and drink ourselves up mpaka tuitiwe ambulance but with our mama kanisa mothers, we can’t even have a taste of alcohol. Tunaionea tu kwa advert.

And having shisha is another dream we hope it will come true come January. Of which in January we will all be broke. So we got all reasons not to travel upcountry. We forget that family always comes first and just send a simple ” I wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year” to our elderly parents.

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