A seat belt, a comrade and his boss lady

PUblic Service Vehicle Seat Belt

Many people are yet to internalize the importance of fastening the seat belt while traveling. It is as if the campaign to have all public transport vehicles have working seat belts was all for nothing.

For instance, I was recently in a bus headed to school and there is this man who was sitting next to me. When he saw me fastening my seat belt, he surprisingly asked me if people still fasten seat belts!

I was worried and surprised at the same time because he sounded like he does not understand the importance of having your seat belt on! So I just told him that I was doing that for safety purposes. However, before I could even finish explaining to him, he interrupted with “you fear being arrested?”

Who doesn’t fear death?

I looked at him with wonderment written all over my face because I could not believe that such a young man can ask such a silly question. ‘Of cause we all fear getting arrested, who doesn’t?’ I thought to myself. But most importantly, we all fear death!

I wanted to take the responsibility as a lady to explain to him the importance of having his seat belt fastened. Unfortunately he was with his ‘boss lady ‘so I didn’t get good time with him. My wish is that his ‘boss lady’ gets to educate him before it’s too late for him. She should be worried about her boyfriend’s ignorance!

My biggest worry is if we find ourselves in such scenarios and you want to make sure that you help such a person to know the correct thing, what can we do? Should we just interrupt and express ourselves? Or should we leave them to find out the hard way? Should we tell the girlfriend to talk to her man? Ladies, what is your opinion on this?

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