A Student Ordered to Buy 1000 Loaves for Stealing Bread

An order to have a student who stole a loaf of bread buy 1000 loaves as punishment has caused a social media uproar with divided opinion on the effectiveness of the punishment.

The form three student from Muhoro High School in Gatundu South was ordered by the school’s Deputy Principal on Thursday to go home and come back with 1000 loaves of break for allegedly stealing a loaf of bread at the school.

Kenyans on Social Media were angered and bewildered by the punishment as the 1000 loaves could feed the entire school. Additionally, the student was required to clear hist outstanding fee before he could be re-admitted into the school.

“You are required to accompany him to the school soonest possible having cleared all the school levies and all the school fees and also come with enough loaves of bread for all students in the school,” read the letter that was addressed to his parents read in part.

Since a standard loaf of bread currently costs Ksh. 50, the student will need Ksh. 50,000 plus whatever amount his outstanding fee was before he could fulfill the re-admission conditions.

While some Kenyans on Facebook indicated that the punishment was effective and that it would deter other students from partaking into such behavior, others would hear non of it terming it as too drastic and not proportional to the offense the student committed.

According to Kenyans who opposed the punishment, they argued that the parents were being punished for the mistake of their son. However, those who supported the punishment contended that if the parent cannot teach their children good manners, they have to face the consequences.

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