A Welcome Message to New Graduates as they take off the Gown

Life after you take off the graduation gown

November and December are usually graduation months. We take time to celebrate the success and efforts with our families and friends. I have been invited several graduations this November and next month. I envy you guys, it’s not easy. I have been there and can easily relate how exciting it is!

When I was graduating I was spoiled; with a good one, people glammed it really well. We tossed!

What happens after you take off that gown? Well, you’re ushered into a complex world. It doesn’t give a damn about your degrees by the way.  We are all here! At least the world can accommodate us all. We are hustling at different levels of life depending on how best you can do it. You can decide to sleep on your papers or hit the road.

20’s are always lonely years, especially for men. It’s that time you can hardly dress yourself leave alone buying a girl chips ‘mwitu’

During this time every coin counts! You realize twenty shillings can purchase airtime and buy two mandazis for supper. Strungi is always the order of the day if you know what I mean. You’re treated like a grown up and asking your parents for support is a taboo. They will always remind you the amount of money they’ve invested in your studies.

Being an adult requires you to be responsible. This is not the time you hit on girls. If you can’t feed yourself will you manage to buy diapers? It’s necessary that you carry your manners around just in case. Your parent cannot support your education and baby; it doesn’t happen to African parents.

People my age are very afraid of you sometimes. But we need you in the society just like you need us. Your behavior is all that matters. You have to start from the very bottom. It is a starting point; put pride aside and be patient enough.

Build a character that will serve you for a lifetime!

Welcome to the world!

Congratulations on finishing your studies!

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