All Public University Students Set to go on Strike

Kenyan University Hunger Strike

Students from public university students countrywide have threated to go on a hunger strike next week if lecturers are not paid their dues by the government.

According to the student leaders, their academic timetable has been interrupted over three times this year by the lecturers’ strike and the presidential elections and therefore it is time to take matters into their own hands.

They said they would push for the implementation of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for their lecturers so as to enable quick resumption of studies.

“We empathize with our lecturers and opine that the government should honor the CBA that it signed, agreed on with lecturers and consequently deposited in court. We pray to the government to listen to the grievances fronted by lecturers and address them before the situation causes more adverse effects to learning in the universities,” said Edwin Kegoli the chairman of Moi University Nairobi campus.

The student leaders have come up with a five-point action plan that started with a press conference on Friday to agitate for the implementation of the CBA.

The planned hunger strike is set to take effect on Wednesday next week if the government will not have honored the CBA with lecturers. The hunger strike will go hand in hand with a protest at the Education ministry offices in Nairobi and later in the day, present a petition to the National Assembly through the Education committee.

On Thursday, November 9, the students will continue with their hunger strike and will be outside of the Office of the President. On Friday, they will head to State House to seek the President’s intervention on the matter.

The students have also threatened to carry their mattresses and spend the night outside the ministry’s offices until the dispute is resolved.

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