An open letter to Kenyans: Please stop the online hate

A letter to all Kenyans,

To those putting pressure to our very own celebrities and hating on them;

To those who wake up just to destroy other people’s peace online and yet don’t know what they go through;

To those who quickly judge before they understand the real ordeal;

To those who want to see Kenya progress;

To those born in Kenya and want Kenya to shine;

To the mothers and sons of Kenya;

This is not what you want us to be neither known for nor hype. I believe we can do better, play and promote good Kenyan music and put our Kenyan artists in the global map.

Most of us Kenyans are enemies of progress especially to our very own Kenyan artists. Instead of rooting for them we’re busy destroying them. What do you think upcoming young artists perceive? All the social media hate, the negative comments, the heart-breaking memes?

For once do you take it to heart before typing it? Do you care how the recipient feels? Yes, it might not be physical but mentally and emotionally it kills and destroys all sorts of people. We might be killing a Marcus Miller, a Drake, a Celine Dion, or a Beyonce just name them!

It is with a lot of attention, care and concern we stop this entire negative vibes we’re spreading. What if we could use the same energy spreading good vibes?? Do you think you could have touched a life? This energy can be constructively used in ending unemployment affecting our youths. Use the energy to innovate and help start-ups that are struggling in between quitting or just pushing a little longer.

The other day Akothee was in Stuttgart, Italy and even Dubai. Wait, did you see the turn up?? She was well received and love was all over. Let Kenyans give due where it deserves! Akothee is a woman who is smart, she has strategies, she is mature, and knows what she is doing. She has worked her ass all the way up to the top from a mere taxi driver.

That mama has seen it all. She has gone through thick and thin and yet she has the confidence to share her story. Have you seen people share their life stories? It doesn’t mean they don’t have stories to share, it means they are in fear and hidden in between the Societal cocoon. And yet the same people who have had their own share of dark pasts still got guts to point figures!

Akothee is among the few women who appreciate their dark skin and that is a plus for me. A girl is so disciplined, by all means she keeps her body fit and for that reason I don’t see anything crazy about her outfit or her opening legs. We’re found of glorifying the white girls and destroy our very own! Real hypocrites we are!

Dear haters, kindly take a chill pill and let a girl live her dreams!

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