Are All Men the Same? The Million-Dollar Question is FINALLY Answered!!

All Men Are Not The Same

Every human was created with a purpose in this life, patience pays. Some of us have been through relationships, breakups and finally marriage. One of us has to be in these situations otherwise you are an ancestor.

Relationships are hard if you don’t practice patience and tolerance towards the other party. We may understand you passed through it and now you hate or don’t want to hear anything about relationships.

Don’t let one person destroy your social life because of one silly mistake and conclude all women and men are the same. Who told you to try one and blame others for his or her mistake?

Practice makes perfect. But most ladies interpret this saying in the funniest way. Especially on campus, a woman can go with ten men with ten different reasons. So while one is waiting outside the school, one is buying her lunch in the canteen and providing for transport and other expenses.

She goes outside again and meets number two and takes her to lunch and home with his fare and so on. Getting the perfect one is tricky, you may be optimistic that the guy you dating now is your future, oxygen, food, name them, but God knows.

Not all people you date and interact with have the same goals or plans you have, others could be pastors, pass timers or don’t want any responsibility.

Don’t depend on anyone for your happiness and wellbeing. Be contented with yourself and the right person with the same opinion will come. In order to find that mate, you may have stolen him or shared him.

Don’t fail to attend class because of heartbreak and land in a supplementary exam. Let it be a lesson and a gate pass to a successful career and future in your profession.

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