As the Lecturers Fight for Fairness, the Innocent are Damned!

Very few people grow up wanting to be teachers. In the lower primary and even kindergarten, school going kids will write small paragraphs explaining why they want to emulate their teachers when they grow up.

By the time they bridge into standard four, they realize there is no nobility in teaching. They now raise their hands and answer questions of future professions with an echo of doctor and astronauts.

After I joined high school, there was only one girl, out of the 6 streams of nearly 300 others who wanted to be a teacher. An English teacher she said, there is something to the Queen’s language that was dear to her.

I usually wondered how anyone would sit down and dream to be a teacher. There is too much hustle to it. You meet hardy kids who cannot get through their thick skulls the simple concepts you spoon-feed them.

It is demoralizing. Teachers deal with so much and yet they end up molding us into these BIG professions and we forget they were part of the process. Read the government that is refusing to pay them.

When KUCCPS releases their settlements, you realize Whoa, not many get what they wish for! Your grades do the speaking for you. A ‘future architect’ is forced to study education, Kiswahili, teaching option.

Just so you know, the one person who wanted to be a teacher is now pursuing something totally different. This is where all the misery starts for all of us. But a girl can dream. Am I right or am I right?

This whole circus in the education system got me thinking why we are bombarded with too many strikes in our so-called institutions of higher learning. I am not too old in the system but I have had to deal with more absconded learning than the times I’ve actually been in class!

I have come to a personal conclusion that there is more to the pay our dear lecturers sing about on our potholed tarmacs punctuated with an occasional chorus of Solidarity Forever.

Putting in my mind that a fraction of the number is old, they might have chosen that teaching option and are living it. In these times with the staggering number of youths wanting to be enrolled in universities, lady luck is overwhelmed.

For the few who landed in dealing with students when they wanted to be bank accountants brushing shoulders with the billionaires of this world in the corporate world(never mind billionaires hardly conduct their own transactions), it becomes an unfair placing.

You find a lecturer reading out to you with no passion whatsoever in whatever they are passing down. They cannot wait for the two, three hours to clear so that they can rush to their businesses. It is a ticking time bomb.

Isn’t this what the knowledgeable call forced labour?

We are two months in and counting. Forget the students who are taking this form of ‘long holiday’ in public institutions to engage in open debauchery. There is a section of us however small, that are craving education.

Is it possible to come back to the lecture halls? Was there a time that you were more passion driven than money-minded? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the government paying you, but why punish us in the name of claiming your rights?

If this is how it works, our entire system is very flawed.

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