As We Head to the Polls on Thursday, Remember this…

Almost one year is coming to an end since the campaigns took off. It’s been the toughest year ever. With a fine share of political dramas, love, hate, tribalism just to mention but a few. To some extent, I was losing it and felt like a refugee in my own country.

The saddest part is seeing people die in the name of ‘it is my right to demonstrate’ which I totally agree with but it is not right to die for someone who is looking for power. I have seen people we trust with our country throwing words and asked myself ‘Where are we headed?’

The other day I read a very sad post. I felt so hurt! Though it sounded like a joke to many, it hit me so hard. The individual behind the post didn’t take a minute to think he was causing more harm to already wounded hearts.

In his words, he wrote and I quote, ‘Si Kenya iuzwe tugawane hiyo pesa tuhame (Kenya should be sold and
each of us receives their share we vacate)’ another one replied ‘Nimechoka kua Mkenya (I am tired of being a Kenyan)’ The already wounded wound was now cut into more pieces and left for the dogs.

Last week I met a university student and after a short talk, he told me they’ve been paid to mobilize people since there was a political rally. For some reasons, I did not want to ask more questions. You all know how important life is and so I walked as fast as my legs could let me.

After watching and reading stories about these campaigns, being in a political meeting is one of the things I fear in this day and age.My advice to all our youths and anybody else who come across this ‘my writing’

My advice to all our youths and anybody else who come across this ‘my writing’ is: voting is your right as much as it is my right. Vote in large numbers but losing your life is nobody’s business even the favorite politician many loose lives fighting for.

Politicians don’t give a damn about your life, it’s the vote.

We have lost lives, young ambitious youths but the politicians never stopped their rallies to mourn.

What am I trying to say? That your life is the only thing you should protect at any cost. Politicians fight for leadership, you too should do it to be alive and safe. Don’t let any politician misuse your future.

We want you alive after elections, carry safety with you!

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