Beautiful Ladies can also be Brainy

Beautiful Ladies

As I walked to the interview room, I could feel their judging eyes. I could predict what they were to tell me next.

And I knew if I didn’t cooperate I wasn’t going to get the chance. I knew if I wasn’t going to say yes and be generous I would miss the chance.

And my guesses were right, my instincts didn’t lie to me. As they say, a woman’s instincts are the strongest and never lie to her. But I still hoped against all hopes that this session would end well.

I hoped that they won’t ask me to be generous with my body for the job. But that wasn’t going to happen. They didn’t even care to know if I had experience or not. They didn’t mind about my qualifications.

The first question that was on their lips was “are you a model?” I guess that was their way of asking me the popular interview question “tell me about yourself.” And as naive as I was, I answered them.

Then the interview session went on as planned. They went through my resume and wondered how a woman who is as beautiful as I study economics and not hospitality, tourism or get to the entertainment world.

And that left me wondering whether it was a crime for a beautiful woman to do a tough course. A course that was once thought to be for the males among us.

Why do we get judged by our looks? Why can’t the society take a minute, learn our hearts, our passions, and our minds?

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