Being an adult is hard!! FIVE Tips to make Adulting much easier

One thing that usually creeps up on us while on campus is adulting. One moment you are 100%  dependent on your parents and the next moment you are even ashamed of telling them how broke you are. I know we’re all so sick of the word “adulting.” But really, being an adult and living on your own is hard!

What’s worse is that schools don’t even teach us how to do some of the most basic tasks we’ll have to do as adults and this lack of preparation can make the first few years of adulthood really scary. However, realizing we’re all in the same boat of just trying to figure our lives out can ease some of the stress. Read on for five tips on how to make some of the trickiest parts of adulting much, much easier.

Filing Taxes

Honestly, I don’t understand taxes…at all. The very mention of the KRA makes my head spin. However, there are a few ways to make the process of filing your taxes much easier. This is especially since you only need to file “Nil Returns” until you have some income. If you feel absolutely lost when it comes to taxes, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Check if any friends or family members know their way around the KRA website and would be able to help you — for a few lattes in return, of course. Accountants or tax services are always a good option too, if you are willing to pay a little for the guidance.


Bills aren’t as bad as most people make them seem, but they aren’t a walk in the park. As a student, the most common bills are food, clothing, house and of course those weekend indulgences. But you might also have student loans and other financial obligations can easily be forgotten and lead to late fees. Have a way of budgeting that allows you to have a sense of satisfaction. There are charts on Pinterest to help you stay organized, or you can make your own checklist to keep track of bills.

Engage in Free and Fun Activities

In college, friends are always close by and there are free fun to have on campus. As you continue on your adulting journey on campus, your circle shrinks and it becomes harder to have fun without breaking the bank. On nights when you get the urge to go out on the town, but your bank accounts says otherwise, have something fun you can do that won’t cost a dime. You could go to the park, the library, or other places that don’t have an admission fee.

Document Protection is part of Adulting

Keeping your documents safe and easily accessible is an important part of the adulting process. While in college, you will need to safeguard various forms and documents, such as your college ID, bank documents, passport and possibly your birth certificate. You also need to review your digital safety basics. Your personal computing devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones should be password protected, and locked before you step away from them, even if just for a minute. It may be prudent to install tracking software on these devices, in case of theft. Backing up your files (and soft copies of forms and paperwork) on a regular basis will safeguard you from data loss in the event of accidental damage, computer failure, or theft.

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Stress Management and Self-care

Paying attention to your mental state and stress levels is an important part of adulting. It is particularly crucial for your overall health and your academic performance. Pay attention to the basics of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Learn how much sleep you need, how to eat healthy, and find an exercise or physical activity that you like to do. Make sure to do everything in moderation. Managing how much time you spend on various activities can be difficult—as can understanding how much of something is good for you, or at least, not harmful. Try as much as possible to take advantage of health services at your college. Most colleges provide access to a gym, counseling services and medical services—all of which can help you manage stress and live a healthier lifestyle. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of these services, whether you are living on campus or at home.

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