Best advice on how to deal with sex-for-marks lecturers

The Kilimani Mums and Dads Censored Kenya Facebook page is often loaded with lots of drama with every passing day. However, the platform also has valuable advice that can help if applied appropriately. In a recent post on the platform, Facebook users took to the platform to offer advice to university students on how to deal with sex-for-marks lecturers.

In a post on the group, a user by the name Bush Alice asked the members of the group on how she can deal with a lecturer who was ostensibly asking for sex in exchange for marks.

“Ladies and gentlemen how do you deal with those lecturers who wants lungula for marks? I really need sober advice. Asking for myself using my real account,” Bush Alice pointed out in her post.

While there were cheeky pieces of advice from other Facebook users who are members of the Facebook Group, there were genuine advice that could be helpful to students.

If you value marks more than your body and dignity go for it. I hope I didn’t sound rude” one user pointed out before advising Bush Alice to “go report dear one. Or better still, talk to one of the students leaders.”

Mbona u trade marks for sex?.. don’t you study for exams?” wondered Sylvester Cervantes Nzioka before adding that “this dilemma has never been faced by people who are willing to work hard. Tena course moja haiezi kuangusha kabisa not unless huyo lecturer anafunza course zote kama class teacher wa class one!”

Another user by the name Lokoro Steaph pointed out that “Kaa unasomea Medicine peana tu Roho safi juu hyo story na kusoma anatomy na mifupa ni tricky kaa ni hzi business courses wacha akauke” (If you are studying Medicine, give in whole heartedly because studying anatomy and bones is tricky; but if it is this business courses, ignore him).

Joseph Kiwia offered some good advice. “Take care, sometimes back in college we had a guy who used to mjules gals badly for Mark’s but at last when they received the transcripts , it was 42,40, others sup below 40,37,35,
In other words,work hard,do take aways, participate in group work and prepare enough for exams.
I tell you it will be success all through



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