Best 7 hairstyles for Kenyan campus ladies

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The semester has just started for many of us on campus and most probably HELB is already on our accounts. One thing that often causes us most trouble on campus is our hairstyles because we have to look fly within budget.

However, after some extensive research, I have discovered several hairstyles that are not only within the reach of a campus lady but also very fashionable.

With these styles, you will not only be able to slay on campus but you will also take minimum time possible on your morning routines.

Here are the seven hairstyles that every campus lady in Kenya should rock!

Short Hair

Short Hair is one of the best and easy-to-maintain hairstyles for any campus lady. If you are into sports, this might be your best style ever because you will be able to shower from head to toe. You will have done away with the need to have a shower cap!

Corn rows

To any campus lady, corn rows must be the best thing to have ever been invented after feminism. corn rows are basically life savers because you do not need to break a bank to rock them! At 200 shillings, you can look exquisite with simple lines plaited with braids. What’s more, you can choose the color of your braids based on your taste and preference.




Relaxed Hair

We have girls who are blessed with amazing hair that when relaxed, it looks even cuter! In fact this is one of the less complicated hairstyles a campus girl can rock. It gives you the freedom to style your hair and play around with any design.


This is a variation of the short hair style and is equally low-maintenance. It will never fail you. Especially if you have the face of Lupita Nyong’o, this is your style! Keeping natural and untamed hair brings out that sassy, principles and true African queen in you.


Crotchet Hair

Turn around you…probably 6 out of 10 ladies you can see around you is having crotchet hair. This is one of the trending hairstyles on campus today. It is an easy to maintain hairstyle that would work well with any campus lady. All you need is a spray to give it a breath of freshness every morning. Some of the crotchet hairstyles derive their sexiness from the entanglement!



Natural Hairburn

So, you do not want to cut your hair short or maintain an Afro, this is your hairstyle. Natural Hair burn can be regarded as a transition hairstyle before you get the cash or idea for your next hairstyle, you can rock a full week in a natural hair burn. All you need is your clean natural hair and a hair band to hold the hair up!

Box Braids

Box braids may be a bit expensive to plait but they are among the easy-to-maintain hairstyles category. All you need is hairspray to keep the hair smelling fresh. Additionally, with box braids, you can repair them from time to time to have them looking new every week. RELATED: Kenyan Campus Ladies and the Fake Hairstyles Craze

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