Body Size Bullshit: You Are Awesome the Way You Are

Plus size Campus Girls

By Daisy Riri|

Weight is just a number. Size is just number. Wait, weight and size are just words. It’s not a big deal and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, unless it’s your doctor. Always listen to what your doctor has to say, apparently they have good intentions. Apparently has been used lightly. If your doctor has a problem about this words; size and weight, then maybe you should do something about it.

Growing up hasn’t been easy for us girls. There’s always someone telling us how we should look, what we should wear, what size we should be, what we should weigh and all the other insane things they say. And the bad news is that we listen and try to change to suit their insane trends. Why do we even do that? Listen to them I mean.

Plus size Campus Girls
Be confident and just appreciate who you are. After all we all can’t keep up with ideal; we have things to do and a country to build.

All those things don’t matter. I know this because once upon a time I was a victim. I listened to what they implied to be ideal at that particular season. They keep changing in insane rates. One minute we should be size zero and wearing jumpsuits. The next plus size is trendy and stripes. We just can’t get it right now, can we? No matter how we try. All the more reasons why we should ignore what they call ideal and trendy.

Size is Just a Word

I know you have heard this before, but size is just a word. This is cliché but get comfortable in your skin. Be confident and just appreciate who you are. After all we all can’t keep up with ideal; we have things to do and a country to build.

We are all flawed beings. These flaws are what make us human. Let’s embrace our imperfections and flatter all that is perfect. You are a masterpiece, and like any art your value does not depreciate just because times are changing.

Remember this; you are not defined by your physical appearance. You are so Much more. The earlier you understand this the easier it will be. Stop gaining and losing weight depending on what’s trendy. How about you just embrace your body size and appreciate your DNA combination? Just let yourself be.

You are the Books you Read

This is what you are; you are the books you read and the places you have been. You are the hearts you have healed and the hearts you broke. You are the multiple personalities you present to different people and the person you are when alone. You are the colours you bleed when you are alone and the colours you bleed around your lovers.

You are made of the bottle of wines you abandon and that shot of whisky that kept you sane. The shot of whisky that helped you cope that one time when all you wanted to do is die. You are how you love your tea and how you take your coffee. You are made of all those song lyrics that you have memorized instead of your school work. You are made of all your failures and success. You are the songs you listen to. You are who you are on good days and how you react on bad days. You are who you are on the uneventful days, the days in between the good and the bad. You are your morning routine and your daily activities. You are made of rough edges and smooth areas. You are like a double edged sword and a blunt kitchen knife. You can’t be defined by your body size because that’s trivial compared to who you really are.

You Are the Entire Universe

You are an entire universe. You are sunshine and the full moon. You are the black hole with all the mysteries of the universe. In all the multiple possible universes you are the best version of yourself in this universe than all the possible versions of yourself in all those multiple universes. Let’s take a moment and appreciate you.

You are perfect in your imperfection. I wouldn’t want you to change a thing apart from that frown in your face. Smile, you are nothing but awesomeness.

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