Boy, Bye!

The evening had blossomed into a beautiful penetrable night. The here and there streetlights facilitated this possibility. The hour was 8:00pm and several minutes were looking to turn it to a 9. The hour of news in Kenya.

It was not a good time for a lady of my stature to be out. Or any other girl for that matter. It was drizzling and the black hoodie I had carefully selected to shelter me from the cold, was not doing me much justice.

For one out scavenging for the last meal of the day, I was well dressed. Considering I was indoors all day ‘killing the cold’, the black jeans and boots diffused well into the night.

In the business of acquiring ingredients involving several Mama wa Mboga (no to red meat, yeay veggies!), imagine one was selling dhania for 10 bob. This exploitation of students needs to stop, or is it the general Kenyan?

I stopped briefly as the skies had opened up and showers pouring down. Luckily, I found a structure that many like me, who cannot afford the luxury of an umbrella were under. Squeezed and all but dry. Priorities.

We were there for a minute when the guy next to me popped his head into my hoodie (the invasion of privacy!) and without greetings shouted enough for me to hear.

Unaitwa nani?!”

Wow. Is this really happening? How could he so quickly assume I had a name? Then why didn’t he greet me? That so-casual niaje would have been nice. Introduction. Are these the same people who will walk into interview rooms in 2020s?

“Resh,” my beautiful self answered, despite the annoyance.

“Are you working or studying?”

“Studying,” I retorted.

Unaishi wapi?”

Hapa around tu.”

Hata mimi. Na hii mvua, unaona tukifika kwenye tunaenda kweli?”

Excuse me boy, we just met. For all I know, I will get to my destination. As for you I really don’t give a hoot.

Instead I said to him, “Mimi ntafika.”

Nisaidie na number yako basi tuongee.”

As far as I’m concerned, we have talked. And I am not, not for a second, looking forward to having another ‘conversation’ with you.


Mbona umekataa haraka hivyo?”

Black don’t crack. It was about to happen to me in a few. I wouldn’t let that happen.

Without a second glance, I stepped into the rain and bought myself a lemon for my daily beverage the next day. With this cold, I need all the prevention strategies I could find affordable for ailments brought by this kind of weather.

I would relish my plate of ugali and cabbage in the next hour. That was all my thoughts consisted of on the splatter of mud I caused on my way home. Not the boy without any consideration for humanity.

Dear young men, how about the next time you go out with an intent of hitting on a girl, carry your manners with you? Please don’t forget them home where you plan on taking her. You can’t win her without courtesy.

A person could have had a bad day. Cheer them up by greeting them or waving or smiling. It is unfair and messed up to jump straight to your wants.

I thought you should know (smiles).

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