BRO CODE: Invaluable Advice to the Boy Child on Campus

How do you feel when you see a lady you love light up when you present her with something you got her? That feeling is grand. No argument. You feel like the testosterone in you just became the latest architects in town. You feel like your people would want to be associated with you.

Anyone who says that getting ladies stuff is wrong hence wants to deny you that joy does not have your interest at heart.

Let us be truthful with our ladies. It really won’t be hazardous when you come out straight and let your lady know the kind of place you can afford to take her. At the moment, definitely you cannot head to Diani for a gateway weekend, but still you can afford, at times, maybe a plate of fries at a shade. You guys attend lectures with them every day and they know you are not on anybody’s payroll. They will understand, hata kama ni kibanda.

It is really amazing to see a 3rd year student who wants to behave like they are in the league of sponsors. It will not end well. To those guys being broke is most probably when they cannot afford to buy the latest version of the V8, while on your side you are not even sure that you will take three meals the next day.

Even though both the social and mainstream media today has portrayed a picture where it’s only the successful who have it all; well, don’t fake success. If you hear the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’, avoid it like plague. How will you be able to tell your girl that you are broke if all the time you have been singing how almost half the guys from your community depend on you for their survival in school?

It is high time we accept that we are struggling, that we are broke, that we cannot do it all on our own. And that we may need the successful ladies.

From my experience I know that ladies are willing to spend on men. They are ready to buy lunch, get you gifts and some little stuffs while in a relationships. All you need to do is package yourself.

In Public Relations, tales have it that the most important thing is package. You might have a killer product, the crème de la crème of products, but if the package is shit then definitely the product is not going to see the light of the day. Get some worth on you.

Learn to give quality time. When a lady spares her time for you; please make it worth it. Getting time for you doesn’t mean that they are idle. In fact in most cases they have interesting things going on. Don’t make them feel like requesting back the time of their life they gave you.

Again, giving quality time is more of a gain for you. When you give quality time, you are most likely to get her next time when you want or need her around. Or even an invitation to her place without you even asking for it. You know that is a recipe for getting laid. We want to get laid, right?

Again, why should campus couples even have to get financial stress at this moment? You really have no kid to take to school, no rent to pay, no mortgage to service. You just want a little bit of merry to keep you from passing out when facing the hardship that is calculus. Relax, stress time is yet to come; it’s struggling for top spot with sin.

The notion that spending on a lady is slavery is a bloated idea. Even with your boys you know that at times you have to take them out, let them get the bablas mood on and take care of everything. The favor will always return. At times you can pull resources together go watch rugby or just head for a trip. It is all about creating memories and enjoying the moments we have. The exact things we ought to be doing with our girlfriends.

Lastly, guys in campus must invest in strong wing men. A wing man is the guy who asseses the situation every time you declare interest in any place. Your success when pursuing a lady rests on the shoulders of your wingman. He must run a background check and asses the kind of person you are after.

Personally, I prefer an economist for a wingman. Dating, just like an investment must be assessed and the viability confirmed. Even the financial decisions must be rationalized in the scene. Your wingman will asses if that’s a slay queen that you need to discard, or if it’s a good land. A great wingman notices the best person for you and uses any opportunity to remind you of the gem that is in prospects.

End game is that, treating women is a great source of men’s pride. We cannot deny that. It’s only that maybe we are not at the stage yet of going all out but we can make do with what we got. The feeling of some times being responsible is a great one, ama namna gani?

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