BUSINESS: Your Choice for Male and Unisex Shoes

At Kenya Methodist University popular as KeMU, you find Nancy Kathombi. A third year Bachelor in Business Administration, Finance student. She is vivacious and it is hard not to portray the same energy around her.

She took a risk two years ago and used her pocket money as a capital of her business. It runs online although she has a physical shop at Mama Ngina where her stock is stored.

“I decided on shoes as it somewhat a basic need. You can’t do without shoes. I mainly sell male shoes but I also offer the option of unisex. Most of my customers however, are male.

“I receive my goods on wholesale from China. My customers then order online as it is a 24-hour shop. This is very convenient as we can negotiate terms before planning on the delivery.”

Nancy’s friends are a supportive lot. On the other hand, her parents are in the dark about what she does. Why? She believes not everything is to brought to light. She mentions she doesn’t find it significant to inform them yet.

Queer as it is, she plans to let them in when she is successful enough, according to her own standards of course.

“Most of my customers are the working class as students view my range as expensive. Few of them still buy. All in all, I appreciate my clients as they are unbelievably amazing!”

Retailing from a price of Ksh 1500 and above depending on the type of shoe, we can all agree that it is quite the tag. But a good pair of shoes is worth five in the streets. Long lasting or bulk? You choose.

The business however, doesn’t come without a number of challenges.

“It happens that, some customers do not know the exact shoe size. They order 9 yet they are a 10. This causes a lot of back and forth and time is wasted in between yet it is their mistake.

“At times, people want their deliveries when I am in class and this is quite antagonizing to me. I am forced to let the client go as that is inconveniencing my studies.

“There are cancels made at the last minute. You are called and told that they will not be coming or even picking the delivery on a later date. It is not good for business. Those are the very low days.

“What I earn covers my personal needs. I also save for rainy days as well as for my business expansion.”

When Nancy is not working or in school, she sleeps, reads or watches movies. She enjoys making people laugh hence among her circle, she is the comedian.

Kathombi plans to open more shops in future to be able to reach a bigger number of people. What keeps her going is the urge to maintain a great lifestyle sooner than later.

Find her business on instagram as kendifootwear.

“I would tell the youth to put effort in whatever dreams they aspire to achieve, it doesn’t come when you are comfortable.”

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