Buya Mukonzo and the Empower HER Initiative

Buya Mukonzo

Mary Atieno had a sit down with Buya Mukonzo from Maseno University and had a chat on her leadership, initiative and personal life. Be inspired….

Tell us about yourself

Buya MukonzoMy name is Buya Mukonzo, 4th Year at Maseno University. Immediate former Organizing Secretary, Students Organization of Maseno University and the President, Empower HER Initiative.

…’Taking Stock’. First, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I will be finalizing on my PhD in Public Governance and something to do with Gender and women studies. Again I’ll be serving my people in Kakamega County in a bid to make their lives better

We all want what feels good. To have a free, happy and easy life. Do you think you’ve accomplished all these?

I must say 2016 was the highlight of my life. I accomplished and surpassed by far all my written down goals, at some point I had to sit down with my mentor and pen a few more goals to keep me going. The power of prayer, consistency and hard work!, a sure recipe for success. There is no greater peace from accomplished goals and lives touched or transformed.

buyaWhat are some of the things our ladies in campus should struggle for in life that you think most of them didn’t achieve in 2016?

Knowledge of self. There is nothing greater than this discovery, every single lady has something to offer besides academics and you’ll be amazed on how talented we are. We loose ourselves as we try to fit it, total mess. There are so many affirmative actions in our favor! Don’t sit and wait, they are all for you included always be on the lookout.

Do you have friends who are student mothers?

Yes. Some before the program and other afterwards, but we’ve grown to be best of friends. I am an aunt to so many kids and a grandma too

There are so many challenges that they encounter while in school. How do they manage all that?

Challenges are there, but they don’t define us. How we respond to them is what matters. They are manageable, I listen to their stories, and yes I haven’t gone through half of this in life. From stigma to financial constrain, baby health issues, but you know what? I admire their confidence and strength. The decision to keep the baby is the greatest one.

Do they think like they have fail due to that? I know a good number of them had not planned for the same.

Planned or not planned babies are a blessing. The challenge comes in preparedness…and yes! Mixed feelings at first, we are all human but like I said, challenges do not define us, out reaction to them does the definition.

Any Advice on those feeling disillusioned?

Proverbs says: ‘Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path’…..He surely does. But how can the year not be yours when it’s been given to you? Look deeper within and measure yourself against you. Am convinced that we all have something to offer, take the lessons for the year, learn from your mistakes and bounce back (smiling)

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