Tue. May 21st, 2019

CALL FOR APPLICATION: 4th Techbridge Innovation Challenge

Techbridge Challege

Past Cohort of Techbridge Challenge Participants working on their startups at City Mall, Nyali 2nd floor Mombasa. PHOTO| Courtesy

Technological advancement is consistently changing the nature of work. For this reason, industries have adopted to current methods of production to enlarge markets and develop societies. In as much as many jobs are lost to automation, it has also paved way for the creation of new jobs which require a blend of skills to meet the soaring demand in the market.

In summary, one of the toughest challenge this country is facing is how best people can be prepared for future jobs with the changing nature of work. And as Franklin Roosevelt said, we cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

Hence, TechBridge Invest entreats you to participate in the fourth TechBridge Challenge that will be held in Mombasa from January to March 2019.

Do you have an idea that is inventive, entrepreneurial, coding-related etcetera and technology based that you would like to turn into a viable business? We want to hear from you! Your journey to independence is just a registration away.


We help you withstand sponsors enticements and handouts by transforming that magnificent idea into a money making machine.

In 2016, TechBridge Invest launched the first TechBridge challenge in a one week workshop that was hosted by the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM).

The challenge is currently an annual competition that invites young people who seek to build and invest in scalable, sustainable and profitable businesses within East Africa, create value through training, investments and active ownership as well as create job opportunities where there is high potential. Our focus is in East African areas where capital access is scarce and private sector in need of reinforcing.


Since then, TechBridge challenge has helped past winners transform their startups to a fully functional business. For instance Sunami Solar has benefited immensely from the challenge. Startups from the third TechBridge challenge are currently under incubation.

This program sees to it that participants learn entrepreneurial skills and how to develop innovative ideas from experienced professionals which they in turn use in building their own. The selected applicants will then proceed to participate in various workshops where they will work on their innovative product ideas using the tools learnt before pitching them in front of a jury.

TIMELINE: November 6, 2018 to December 13, 2018

ELIGIBILITY: Applications are open to students and graduates from TUM or any established young entrepreneur residing in the Coast region and it is free of charge.


  1. A group with a maximum of four people with a business idea
  2. An aspiring entrepreneur with an idea
  3. Skilled business developer or programmer that will participate in developing product ideas submitted by others

SELECTION: All business ideas will be considered but preference will be given to the following themes;

  1. Digitalization of businesses
  2. Innovative business ideas for coastal resources
  3. New electronic and IT technology in a Kenyan setting
  4. Circular economy


GOAL: Find good business ideas and entrepreneurs to start promising new companies

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Idea submitted must be new, not having received any seed-funding or won competitions elsewhere and the product or service that is tech based with be highly considered.

All information given will be kept confidential and participants will sign a confidentiality agreement.


  1. Seed funding for the top three winners and incubation programs for other winners
  2. Free working office space for those who will be incubated
  3. Mentorship programs from both local and international individuals
  4. Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs

CONTACT: post@techbridgeinvest.com


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