Campus Girls Exchanging their Dignity for Money

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There is a lot in my mind. I don’t seem to settle for a good day. My thoughts are roaming from one corner to the other. No more peace! Today I must talk about it.

Its amazing how girls are settling for less. Lowering down their standards and selling their dignity short by submitting to a culture of money with old men cheating on their wives.

I don’t know where it is written that a man must have a spare woman sharked up for his amusement.

I understand there are very good men who respect their women and young girls. On the other hand, there are very bad men. Whose mission is self-satisfaction? These ones sleep with girls their daughter’s age. They don’t give a damn.

Money has become a rule of law in many relationships.

As a matter of fact, that campus mate can hardly afford to sustain what they call a good woman’s look. He is depending on HELB loan, the only way to survive. There is no way he will afford a woman if he can’t afford. The only thing he can give is his love.

The campus girl takes love as a bonus after money and that is why many are going for Married men.

You understand that money has overtaken many things including dignity.

Young girls have through the window thrown away their respect for the love of quick money.

There are things I try to imagine and it seems I will take my whole life to get a clue. How a twenty-year-old
stares at a fifty-years-plus-naked-man and vice versa. Its like a father and daughter. It remains a mystery.

I beg to ask, are you too lazy or impatient to wait for a good man? One who will respect and love you as his only woman?

Ignore the ones oozing like some cheap cologne ogling at other girls’ bottoms and bosoms. Be in full charge of your life. Let no money distract you!

We’ve survived the test of times and remained strong despite the many trials.

And when you find a good man don’t look down on him. Love him! But before that work hard in school and life as you wait for your king.

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