Campus is where love is

Brian B Valentine's Day
Brian Bugo with his best friend Brilliant in Nyeri. | PHOTO: Brian Bugo

In the great universities, men are always put to test with regards to whether to have a girl or not. Some are further put to task of dating a lady or more. This mess in campus life is influenced by the variety of factors including the variety of ladies based on the regional diversification, peer influence and the urge to fame.

Speaking from experience, one can feel the pain campus ladies go through when they are played. However they can never feel the pain when they are the reason why others are being played on. Back in high school we always believed that “illegal things are sweet.” Come to think of it, all things with restrictions tend to be awesome and sweeter. I can’t admit that I was a player in campus but I ensured that all friends I have were always fine, stress free and always got what they wished.

Campus is where everything is

However good one could be without any attachments, some ladies could mistake feelings and boast of men who aren’t theirs. This confusion causes much pain in our campus ladies. I studied in a campus where dating was difficult since you could walk a distance of one kilometer and meet almost 70% of the population. From these you could meet all ‘crushes’ in one walk and it would be easy for everyone to know who you are dating thus no secrecy.

In campus, comrades need to be there for one another and assist each other. Lets all withhold one another for the short period. Learn, grow and love. If you don’t fight for what you want, don’t cry for what you lose.

This is the month of love. I hope you either find love or love finds you. Whatever happens first, stay true to yourself and to your love and always remember love is a beautiful thing.