Campus ladies who have died for love since 2015

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The last three years have been tough for campus ladies who go out of their way to fall in love while still on campus.

Many are the cases that have been reported of campus ladies who have died in the hands of those they fell in love with.

Today, we remember some of them as we seek to understand this trend of deaths in the hands of loved ones.

Edith Masengele Ofubwa (April, 2015)

The 21-year-old student at the University of Kabianga was stabbed to death after her boyfriend stormed her college room and allegedly accused her of cheating on him.
Friends said there was a misunderstanding between the two. Ofubwa was the only of her single mother’s five children to have made it to the university. Her mother said she was the family’s only hope.
The boyfriend had prepared a suicide note because he had planned to kill himself after killing Edith, but he did not go through with the plan of killing himself.

Cecilia Cheruto (July, 2015)

The23 year-old Moi University student was stabbed several times by her estranged boyfriend, who walked in her hostel room at Eldoret West estates and attacked her. She died in front of her cousin and friend.
“It was around 8pm when he stormed into the house, locked the door and warned us against making any movement.
He said he wanted to finish his chapter with my cousin, and we should not attempt to intervene lest he kills all of us.
He then picked a knife and stabbed her severally as we screamed for help,” she said.

Valarie Apondi Odhiambo (December, 2017).

The campus fraternity was woken up to the shocking news of Valarie’s death in December 2017.

Valarie was stabbed by her boyfriend Collins Oluoch Ogweno after a quarrel. The boyfriend was a nurse at Nightingale Hospital in Kisumu.

The Jaramogi Oginga Odiga University of Science and Technology student was staying with the boyfriend with whom she had a child.

While the perpetrator of the early morning morning murder was arrested, little is known on the progress of the case.

Cynthia Chelagat (February, 2018)

The 22-year-old was a fourth year Bachelor of Agriculture student at Egerton University, Njoro main campus when she met her untimely death.

She was staying off-campus with a friend when the boyfriend stalked and unleashed terror on her while her room mate was out.

Eyewitness said that the boyfriend had suspected Cynthia of cheating on him. To avoid the wrath of the locals, the boyfriend tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself on the neck. He was rushed to Nakuru PGH and later charged with murder.

The list cannot be exhausted in one article but we shall continue paying homage to these ladies. Whatever happened to these campus ladies is a constant reminder that life is as fleeting as mist.

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