Campus Packing List: FOUR Things you should never forget

One of the most exciting parts of campus is packing. Just imagine grabbing anything and everything you need to build a new life as a college student! Isn’t that exciting enough? But while it’s super exciting, packing for campus can also be really, really stressful. And that’s where I come in with this guide to everything you need for college.

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Whether you’re moving into a campus hostel, off-campus housing, an apartment or even just redecorating your bedroom at home, refreshing that space is the best way to start the semester off on a fresh note. From the key items (hello, bedding and snacks!) to little details and the small things you’re bound to forget, here is all you need. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Beddings

Is anything more important than the perfect bedding for your first campus bedroom? As far as I’m concerned, nope, not really. Your bed is where you’ll end up spending a good amount of time, from eating late-night take-out to cramming for your final. So make it a cozy space you can be proud of — and take some amazing shots for Instagram.

2. Room Decorations

In campus, your room is like… your entire living space. So don’t underestimate the importance of a really killer set-up. Picture brand new friends walking into your room (or video calling and admiring your background!). What do you want them to see? What’s the vibe you want to give off? You need to decorate your room so that it radiates the energy you want to transmit to your friends. I am talking about a bedside lamp, photos, picture frames, posters, skirt hangers, cushions, wall mirrors, cloth rack, shoe rack among others.

3. Laundry

Welcome to campus, otherwise known as your introduction to doing your own laundry 100% of the time. Want clean leggings? You’ve gotta wash them yourself. Want to not run out of underwear before the week ends — hey, it happens — throw them in the wash. The last thing you want is to realize that, no, college laundry rooms actually don’t provide you with stain remover or drying sheets, so come prepared. You might need a laundry hamper or bag; a lingerie bag; a laundry detergent; bleach; fabric softener; stain remove; Iron and a sewing kit among others.

4. Clothing

The fun part: your closet. Prepare for every single girl’s night in, party, tailgate, formal, and that really fun time of year where your professor makes you dress up to give a presentation. Don’t forget your favorite high school sweatshirt for when you’re feeling nostalgic.

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