CAMPUS POLITICS: When Imaginary “Comradeship” Overpowers the Ability to Reason

campus politics

Comrades power! Power!!

Comrades power! Power!!

These are the statement highlights of campus elections and the rowdy lots that dominate Kenyan campuses. I cannot begin to tell you how much these chants rattle me.

The moment I hear them, I know there is a campaign rally going on or students want to show how much ‘power they got.

Recently, there has been an upsurge of rioting in the institutions of higher learning in the country. It is a bad disease that tends to spread like an untamed fire.

Once one university gets wind that the other has set ablaze their administration block, it decides to break windows to either show ‘solidarity’ or their high level of stupidity.

It is quite surprising that university students are the very ones behaving like hooligans.

Have you noticed the number of young souls present at the ‘peaceful demonstrations’ since the start of this electioneering year? It has cost many their lives, others body parts and several their property.

It is unfortunate that these are either undergoing students or university graduates. Why are they on the streets? The state of joblessness, they claim.

One of the most common reasons students drop out is due to lack of fees. The parents struggle with raising the fee and the students are at times forced to chip in to raise the total amount. All this in an effort to getting an education.

But what do they do? Once they reach the school gate, ‘freedom’ overpowers their ability to reason, they join forces and cause destruction. We should really ask ourselves who is at loss here. The members of the university staff have completed their education. They are there to help us build our foundation.

As most students sit back home, celebrating not having done their end of semester exams and the probable return to school the coming year, those who had nothing to do with the sagas are figuring how they will pay for the damages that will definitely be included in the fee structure.

Some parents have already bailed out meaning a number will have to forgo the-once-in-a-year opportunity, Christmas clothing!

I’m guessing those who participated have a set plan! For their issues were definitely not addressed by those they were staging a ‘show’ for (shrugs).

We could do better if we thought before acting in future.

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