Campus Single Mothers and the Nightmare that is Deadbeat Fathers

Love is said to be beautiful and I can’t say otherwise, it indeed is. Despite the beauty, it’s the mother of all the heartaches, pain, endless tears and the mother of fatherless children bringing forth single mothers. Given a choice I can tell we all want to raise our daughters and sons with their father’s around. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen all the time.
Love life is wild with mixed feelings and eventually turn of events. You spend sleepless nights, argue, fight, pretend not to care and soon the oxygen becomes poisonous when you can’t feel the other half’s breath near.  You miss a kiss for remedy and his arms around you. Hearts made for each other and souls locked for a lifetime or so you think. It’s beautiful I can tell.
 In my own narration, I think women are just naive, emotional creatures that are easily taken away by men’s lies. In you drown and swim in this imaginary feeling called ‘love’ and deep in the ocean you jump. The joy and laughter make you forget everything else, life becomes sweet on its own until you wake up to some funny feeling knocking your door like ‘are you opening or we open?’
Kenyan Campus DeadbeatsSooner or later the reality dawns and within no time you realize you’re pregnant. At last, you’re going to be a mother, what a joy? You can’t wait to break the sweet news to him and the world. You are super excited. You’re carrying the love of your life’s baby until he turns his back against you as if you impregnated yourself.
Immediately it hits you, am still in college damn it! What the hell? No hell madam it’s the reality of life and you had all the options at your disposal. You feel cheated, used and term yourself useless. What are you going to tell your parents? That you got grade ‘baby’ on campus? You’re torn between terminating and raising the pregnancy to maturity.
You feel some perpetual hopelessness deep down and curse life. You had decided to pack your heart and flee from this man but you were full and couldn’t imagine life without him. Eventually out of fearing death you choose to keep the baby and a single mother is born. The man you had so much trust in vanish in thin air even taken another pretty girl than you.
It’s the reality that hurts so much but it happens almost daily. Women have turned bitter and to some extent very few single mothers trust men. Many choose to raise their children without involving men in their lives out of fear and disappointment.
Dead beat dads remains a nightmare that we all wish to wake up to and think it was a bad dream.
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