CARDIAC the Poet: Touching on Issues Hands Cannot

I am too old to play games/Yet too young to commit.
I rather hug a friendly cactus/Than get choked with poisoned petals.

This is how Cardiac started his poem entitled “Thorn Apart.” He has his own website which he posts his work frequently. He talks about issues that are happening in the society that we can all relate.
In a nutshell , he was born and raised in County 001. He is a student at the University of Nairobi pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature Sociology and Performing Arts.
Cardiac has been featured on KTN Life & Style artistic Tuesday spoken word edition on the Valentine’s of 2017, Baraka FM and Radio Rahma. He has his own branded t-shirts for sale. Some time last year he won the unga wa dola art for peace competition.
Going through the website and social media handles that he manages, there is this one poem that strikes my eyes, its called, rest in peaceslay-queen. This is what he says,
All that make up

And a brother still hits it from behind

Instead of your eyebrows try drawing attention
Not to your self but to the Man above who made you in his own image.”
He finally warn men to find women who pray and not who slay.

That marks the end of my story, but for him that’s just a step, he has great plans for poetry lovers this here. Just stay up to date.”Life is short try to get along. You can’t please everyone don’t waste your energy trying. Small circles equal to less bull shit. Stay true to yourself. Don’t change your spots. Use them to spot your true friends,: Cardiac poet.
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