Overcoming the Stigmatization of the Campus Lady

May 17, 2017Cynthia Aoko0

“Niaje msupa”. We all are familiar with this kind of greeting. It’s only in campus where you encounter men from all walks of life till you begin questioning their morals and perhaps whoever taught them how to tie their shoe laces.

POETRY: The Prodigal Son

May 12, 2017Cynthia Aoko0

He is the sugar my mum talked about
The saturation in the next roundabout
He gave me that look my mum described
It swept my feet like an easy bribe
A prodigal son gone protocol

Campus Lady Degrees

The Two Degrees Every Campus Lady Needs

May 8, 2017Cynthia Aoko0

find tips on how to be a ‘Billionaire while still in Campus’ in this read. It is on the record that University can teach you skill and give you opportunity, but it can’t teach you sense, nor give you understanding.