Caught in the Act: Shoplifting for love

University student shoplifting

A second year male student at one of the universities in Nairobi was caught shoplifting at one of the Tuskys branches in Nairobi. Guess what items this little guy was caught shoplifting?… Well, you guessed right (maybe)…feminine clothes and accessories. He had stashed the shoplifted items in his trench coat where he had cut the inside linen.

Though we can’t assume but the probability that he was doing this for a lady he was pursuing is higher. He later faced the consequences of paying triple the cost of the shoplifted items.

Live within your means

It is very unfortunate for a guy to go to jail or face extra costs because he wanted to please a lady. At some point we put too much pressure on these guys that they even do the unheard of just to impress us. Sometimes its them putting pressure on themselves to win a girl.

Whichever the case, at campus we are all young; we should not expect things from a fellow campus guy, that we can’t even afford by ourselves. Lets live within our means. Also the small boys don’t have to do extra to prove themselves. Being you is the best you can ever be, if you can’t afford it now, don’t go for it.

I talked to some lecturers at Chuka University concerning the issue to find out their thoughts. One of them said, “Well, just have honest portrayal of who exactly you are. Besides, the girlfriends being equally students and both being dependent on their parents or guardians, the lady would easily appreciate.”

“A genuine lady too should not exert unreasonable financial pressure on the guy unless she is a gold digger” he continued.

Honesty is the Key to a Lasting Relationship

If the relationship is meant to last, honesty is key. However, if it’s meant to be for short term sexual pleasure, then the lady may exert that kind of pressure to reap maximally before it bursts.

“Some guys may want to impress the girlfriends even when they don’t pressurize them” continued one lecturer at Chuka. “This is used as a tactic to win them, forgetting finances can’t buy genuine love, again unless for short term sexual gain since that ain’t sustainable.”

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At the end of the day it all adds up to honesty of a man and to a less demanding lady. Lets do our part ladies; lets not put them under pressure because we know its okay not to have at one point in life. Life is too short to send someone to jail for shoplifting a bra for you.

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