Challenges students face in search for industrial attachment, and how to overcome them

Industrial attachment challenges

Industrial attachment is a requirement for almost all diploma and degree programs in Kenyan universities. Students are often required during their second, third or final year of study to seek for an industrial attachment as part of their program requirements. In most universities, students are left to their own devices when it comes to seeking attachment. We shine light at the tribulations youth endure in their quest for practical training outside the classroom and how they can stay ahead of the pack and how to deal with them.

Strict Industry Requirements

Students are often required to have a letter from the university recommending them for industrial attachment and a medical insurance. Companies also require the students to present a contract form signed by the student, the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) and the attachment provider. The attachment provider, in the presence of NITA officials, then assesses a student who presents all these documents for eligibility.

With all these hurdles, you need to start out early and get all the requirements before the time for your attachment. Liaise with your Faculty and ensure that you have the required documents to be accepted for attachment. Secondly, start applying for your industrial attachment early into the semester and get all the requirements the organization you want to be attached to needs from you.